The Paper Doll Kids Children’s Book & Kids For Love Song with Janine Sullivan & Robert Sherwood

08-01-18 The Paper Doll Kids Children’s Book & Kids For Love Song with Janine Sullivan & Robert Sherwood

Deborah Beauvais welcomes both Janine Sullivan, co-author and lyricist and Robert Sherwood, composer and producer to share their thoughts around the journey of writing The Paper Doll Kids and creating the Kids For Love Song.  Bob shares his experience working with the kids who aren’t professionals to sing Kids For Love, embedded with love and charm.

When we all join together extraordinary things happen!

Janine Ouellette Sullivan is a freelance writer and poet.  When Janine is not writing she is a resource agent a position, which involves advocacy and assisting people, achieve goals. She uses her talent connecting people to lift dreams and desires to a successful outcome. Drawing on 30 years of experience in social service Janine has gathered tools and resources developing a unique approach to connect individuals and communities. One of the highlights of her career was producing a life enhancing lecture series for women. Educated in the field of child psychology, Janine has nurtured the ability to see under the veil into the heart of a person making her current work as a caregiver very rewarding.  She believes we all can lift up our portion of the world one person at a time through one action at a time.

Bob Sherwood: Producer, engineer, singer, multi instrumentalist and all-around audio obsessive Robert Sherwood has been recording, processing, mixing and mastering audio since the cassette four-track recorder was considered high tech.  From Boston to New York to Lost Angeles to the wilds of Western Massachusetts, Robert has forged a career that spans three decades both as an artist and producer/engineer in some of the finest studios in the country.  As a hit songwriter and leader of the band Fiction in the ‘90s and early 2000’s as well as a voiceover artist he has paid his dues on the artist’s side of the control room window, and from the producer’s side of the glass he has logged thousands of hours rolling tape and hard disk alike.  Robert brings a unique perspective to commercial and voiceover work as a professional who is equally comfortable and skilled on both sides of the microphone.

Raising Awareness for Children & DIPG with Janet Demeter

05-30-18  Raising Awareness for Children & DIPG with Janet Demeter

In memory of Jack Demeter and Neil Fachon

Blessed with varied interests and an artistic and musical upbringing, Janet had health challenges throughout her young adult life. Despite these she graduated Cum Laude from Wellesley College with an award of distinction for acting, and had also been a champion equestrian. She began a family with her husband Barry later in life, and had finally found happiness with daughter Sophie-Marie (3/12/06) and then baby (Jack 8/30/08). Five weeks after his birth, the family escaped a wildfire in which all worldly possessions were lost. The family relocated in December of 2008 to Agua Dulce CA where they currently reside.

Jack began to have unsettling symptoms at the age of 3; he was taken to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and was diagnosed with DIPG, or diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, on Friday Oct. 28, 2011, indisputably the darkest experience of Janet’s life. The outrage of it made her determined to find the good in the situation, and she asked God to “Put me to work!” After Jack’s death, she remained determined to start working to find solutions to DIPG and incorporated Jack’s Angels at the end of 2012; the Foundation began its work in 2013. Despite the fact that DIPG is responsible for the majority of brain tumor deaths in children, she had been told there were no solutions for Jack because “the numbers aren’t great enough for investors.” This remains the primary motivation in her advocacy work, to prioritize children’s lives in our medical system in the United States.

In 2016 Janet Demeter started “Childhood Cancer Talk Radio” as an advocacy arm for children with cancer, and the “Relay for Kids” program, debuting with “Relay for Jack” this May 2016 to raise funds for the most urgently needed pediatric cancer research.

Jack’s Angel’s Foundation

Our Mission:  To find solutions for DIPG and pediatric brain tumors by promoting the funding of creativity in scientific research, raise public awareness with activism and advocacy, and to support the afflicted.

Our Vision:  We believe in and see a world where our children are loved and prioritized in our actions as much as they are in our spoken values, where science works with nature as partner rather than conqueror, and where our human and spiritual values determine our currency.

  • My son Jack was diagnosed 10/28/2011 with DIPG and he died 7/30/12; he was 3 years, 11 months old
  • Founded Jack’s Angels in late 2012, our first year of operation was 2013;
  • Began advocating with the Alliance for Medical Research, and then the Alliance for Childhood Cancer in 2014 in Washington DC, and independently
  • Worked with my State Assembly to get the first State level DIPG Awareness Resolution in the US, California 2014.
  • My State Senator at that time is Steve Knight, who is now my Congressman of the 25th District of California, and we began working on the first DIPG Awareness Resolution in US Congress, drafting in September 2015, introduced (H.Res.586) to the 114th Congress 1/13/16, and re-introduced (H.Res.69) to the 115th Congress 1/30/2017 designating May 17 to be DIPG Awareness Day (May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month)
  • In 2016 a movement was started by Jenny Mosier and the Michael Mosier defeat DIPG Foundation in Bethesda, MD called “DIPG Across the Map” using the May 17th date for as many States as possible, so this is why we used this date for H.Res.69 introduction to Congress in 2017, for a coherent effort for DIPG Awareness
  • 2017 Saw 21 States, this year we’ve had 31 States declare May 17 DIPG Awareness Day
  • Created DIPG Advocacy Group in Fall 2017, now our Group has almost 200 members and we have 3 scheduled trips to Washington to advocate for H.Res.69, and a Presidential request for it in the works as well.

Kindness is Contagious & Cozys for the Cure with Nicole & Jordan Phillips

05-23-18  Kindness is Contagious & Cozys for the Cure with Nicole & Jordan Phillips

photo credit Lindsay Jones

Kindness is Contagious: 100 Stories to Remind You God is Good and So are Most People

What if there really were a secret to happiness well within our grasp? Perhaps there is! We often think of kindness as something that flows from our surplus: our extra time, extra energy or extra resources, leaving us to ask, “How can I possibly give to others when I don’t have enough for myself?” But kindness is like a secret passageway through which God blesses us while we bless others. Columnist, blogger and motivational speaker Nicole J Phillips challenges your focus through the stories that often go untold in our society. Let Kindness is Contagious: 100 Stories to Remind You God is Good and So are Most People, become your secret passageway to a life full of purpose and joy! These are real life stories sent in by kindness lovers from across the United States for original publication in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead Newspaper.

Nicole J Phillips is a champion for using kindness to overcome all of life’s difficulties, including her own battle with breast cancer. She spreads the message of the healing power of kindness through her public speaking and weekly column, “Kindness is Contagious” which runs in newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota. Nicole has her Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin and has worked as a television anchor and reporter in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin and Fargo, North Dakota. As Miss Wisconsin 1997, she spent the year touring the state talking to children and adults about overcoming crisis. Nicole lives in Athens, Ohio, has three children and is married to Ohio University Men’s Basketball Coach, Saul Phillips. Visit Nicole at

13yr.old Jordan Phillips Founder of Cozy for the Cure, as seen on NBC

“Hi, I’m Jordan! I started making Cozy for the Cure products in 2015 to support my mom during her fight with breast cancer. I was just 11 years old when I started, but since then, I’ve raised more than $12,000 for the Susan G. Komen foundation. I’ve even been featured in a national awareness campaign, but the best part is knowing that I’m helping to fund programs that serve women where I live in Southeastern Ohio. Thanks to your purchase of this hand-made product, SEW are you!” 

Project 365 with Campbell Remess & Hello World with Christina Li

02-14-18  Project 365 with Campbell Remess & Hello World with Christina Li

Co-Host 13yr.old Campbell Remess CNN Young Wonder and Founder of Project 365

When Campbell Remess was 9 years old, he asked his parents if he could buy Christmas presents for the children in his local hospital. His mother told him that it would cost too much. But Campbell, one of nine children whose family lives on the Australian island of Tasmania, was undeterred. He took matters into his own hands — literally.

He founded Project 365 by Campbell, and using his mother’s sewing machine, started crafting one-of-a-kind teddy bears to give to sick children in the hospital and around the world. Now 13 years old, Campbell has made between 1,200 and 1,400 bears by hand. This year, he began auctioning some of his bears and using the proceeds to send children and their families on “Kindness Cruises,” a much-needed escape from their battles with cancer. Campbell is also working on organizing a fundraiser dinner in Hobart for cancer research.

“I think the magic in the bears is the hope,” he said. “It’s the hope that the bears give the people.”

Co-Host 19yr.old CNN Younger Wonder Christina Li Founder of Hello World

Most 19-year-olds don’t know how to code or build robots, let alone teach others. But that’s exactly what Christina Li is determined to do through Hello World, her annual computer science camp for middle school girls. Christina started her free, weeklong classes as a high school junior in Macomb, Michigan. Today, each camp hosts about 30 girls, in the hopes of bridging the gender gap that exists in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math).

Now in her sophomore year at Stanford University, where she is studying computer science and mechanical engineering, Christina will be interning this summer at SpaceX, a company that strives to enable people to live on other planets.

“It’s not that I want (the girls) to exactly follow in my footsteps,” Christina said. “I really hope to show them that … their ability is unlimited.”

Honored by the White House, featured on CNN Heroes,
Nickelodeon’s HALO Effect, and Amy Pohelor’s Smart Girls!

Christina Li is a sophomore studying computer science/electrical engineering and mechanical engineering at Stanford University. Currently at Stanford, she’s working on the Mars Rover robotics team as the mechanical co-lead. Christina created Hello World four years ago to teach young girls how to code websites, robots, apps, and games, to help them say “hello” to the world of computer science.