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Jack Dalton08-17-23 Jack Dalton the Kid Conservationist and author of Kawan the Orangutan-Lost in the Rainforest

Hi, I’m Jack, and I’m the Kid Conservationist. I am 13 years old, and I live in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. I love nature, animals, reading, playing board games, biking, watching and analyzing Marvel movies, traveling to new places, and doing anything fun with my friends and cousins.

When I was eight, I learned about palm oil and deforestation, and how the home of my favorite animal, the critically endangered orangutan, was being destroyed. I knew I had to do something about this. So, I combined my passions—YouTube, video editing, reading, and education—and I became the Kid Conservationist. Since 2019, I’ve been creating fun, educational YouTube videos, interviewing experts in conservation around the globe, spreading awareness through presentations to thousands of people at schools, zoos, and museums around the world. I have also been emceeing fundraisers and doing Keynote speeches. I even wrote a children’s book!

Kawan the Orangutan-Lost in the Rainforest Book:

Orangutans have a very special relationship with their moms, so when Kawan the orangutan finds himself alone in the rainforest, he needs help.
Lucky for him, his friends from the rainforest help point him in the right direction.
Will Kawan be reunited with his mother, or will he be lost in the rainforest forever?

Purchase Kawan the Orangutan here

My work has been recognized locally and globally, including being a Top 20 Finalist for the first-ever TIME Kid of the Year 2020, the President’s Environmental Youth Award 2021 winner, Action for Nature International Eco-Hero Notable Mention 2021, The 2022 Baron Prize, 2022 Zoo New England Young Conservationist Award, 2021 New Hampshire Fish & Game Youth Conservationist Award, and the OURF Judge’s Favorite award winner in their 2020 international video contest for my 10-in-10 Orangutans video.

The Paper Doll Kids and “Kids for Love Song” are a production of the Kids 4 Love Project. Get the Book now on Amazon or Kindle and the Song on Amazon or iTunes.

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