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Bella Manchester03-31-21 Singer Songwriter Bella Manchester & Caragan Olles, Co-Founder of Bright Young Dyslexics

Bella Manchester is 16 and a junior in high school.

She wrote the original song and performed it (both piano and vocals).

She wants the song to convey that people are “never alone.”

Bella Manchester Song I'll GoHer song, “I’ll go” Here

“I’ll go” can be purchased on iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Music

You can also play it from YouTube:

Bella has written many songs; we’ll see what the future holds for this Bright Star


Caragan Olles was 10 years old when she and brother Carter started Bright Young Dyslexics a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.  Now 18yrs old and attending University of Miami, Caragan continues her passion in helping kids with dyslexia in the school classrooms. She has a goal to bring her Dyslexia Simulations to every classroom in America

Bright Young Dyslexics is a 501c3 non-profit supporting K-12 dyslexic students through funding for tutoring and assistive technology and raising awareness about dyslexia.

From struggling with school work to being made fun of for her dyslexia, Caragan had enough and knew that things needed to change. Caragan is an excellent tennis player who also serves up some delicious baked goods

Watching Caragan become frustrated with school and endure hours of intensive phonics-based tutoring, Carter knew he had to affect change. Carter is an avid outdoorsman who loves to travel and explore new places

1 in 5 children are dyslexic and are struggling in the classroom, at no fault of their own. Our schools categorically mistreat dyslexic students at astonishing levels, and it is up to us to support our students and make a change

What BYD does:

Funding: Receiving funding is as simple as filling out a quick application. Funding requests are reviewed by committee 3 times a year – February 1st, June 1st and October 1st.Applications received after a review date will be considered at the next consecutive review date. All committee decisions are final. While we aren’t able to grant every funding request, we do our best to set our dyslexic students up to succeed.

Two hour immersive experience of how it feels to be dyslexic in the classroom in partnership with the International Dyslexia Association. Understanding dyslexia is a difficult task for someone who doesn’t have it. Dyslexia Simulations help friends, family, and teachers understand what their dyslexic students experience in the classroom on a daily basis.

All donations are welcome:

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