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12-03-21 The Case of the Missing Baby Children’s Book by 11-year old Caden Whitlock 

Joining Caden is his mom Marian, and sister Madison 

Caden Christian Whitlock lives with his family in Leesburg, Georgia.  Caden has brothers, his twin, Cody, who is in Heaven with Jesus, Jonathan Jr., Dondre, and Jordan. He also has a sister, Madison.  Caden’s parents are Marian and Jonathan Whitlock.  

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Marian didn’t know what she would do with all four of her children going to a virtual learning format for the rest of the school year.  One morning, she placed a big assignment on the dining room table that read, “Since we are all home, you all will each write a book.”  Of course, they all just shook their heads, “seriously, Mom?”  

But, they all began to write and talk, write and talk. Through all the writing and talking, and whining, each child created their own story. Marian edited their writings and also asked them to draw pictures for each book.  Once it was all said and done, she entered each child’s writing into a contest.  No prizes were given, but they all felt accomplished having completed a book.  

Caden came to Marian one day and said, “I want to share my story with everyone.  It makes me feel good to know that Cody is in a safe place with Jesus.” Caden had a twin brother, Cody, who passed away during pregnancy, two months before Caden was born. Caden always wanted to know where his brother was and what he was doing.  His story is about his journey to find his brother and who he meets along the way.  

Caden’s book, The Case of the Missing Baby, is the first Whitlock CREW story.  

The next book is Madison’s book, What Did Jesus Do, is next!  

Caden C. Whitlock is a motivated, energetic Fifth Grader with a heart of gold. He enjoys school and loves playing and watching soccer. Caden has brothers, his twin, Cody, who lives in Heaven with Jesus, Jonathan Jr., Dondre, and Jordan. He also has a sister, Madison. 

Madison is writing, “What Does Jesus Do?” 

Madison loves to ask her Mommy all kinds of questions. She is a fun and lively 9-year-old who loves writing, reading, and drawing unicorns. She also loves to play soccer and basketball with her twin brother, Jordan, and her older brother, Caden. Maddy taught herself how to play the guitar and wants to learn the drums next. She also loves to dance and sing. 

Caden and Madison’s parents are Marian and Jonathan Whitlock. The family lives in Leesburg Georgia.  

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