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12-24-18  Reactive vs. Proactive Medicine and More!

This week, Dr. Judy brings back another internationally known and respected holistic colleague, Dr. Peter Dobias DVM from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Dr. Dobias is a teacher, researcher and master homeopathic clinician with more than 20 years of practical experience in conventional and holistic veterinary medicine.  Founder of Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions, his company loves to provide you and other animal lovers with the latest knowledge and information in the field of holistic and natural animal healthcare.  This socially and ethically responsible company provides superior products and a place where clients and followers can learn about challenges in the veterinary medical field and how to avoid those that can cause disease and unnecessary suffering.  In this special show, Drs. Judy and Peter will dive more deeply into the importance of gut health and differences between the veterinary and medical professions when making food recommendations. So be sure to tune in – you won’t want to miss this show!

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