How is Spirit Communication Possible?

01-18-18  How is Spirit Communication Possible?

In this episode, Dr. Jamie Turndorf reveals that spirit communication is not a skill that’s reserved for psychic mediums. In fact, we all engage in daily energetic communication with those who walk the earth plane. Spirit communication is nothing more than learning how to send and receive energetic signals to and from the spirit realm. In other words, you already know how to do it! Tune in to find out how to tune up your receiver and transmitter so you can easily dialogue with your lost loved ones! Dr. Turndorf also looks forward to taking your live calls at 833-220-1200. Tune-in and call-in live so Dr. Turndorf can answer your questions and help you reconnect and transform your grief to joy.

Why You Should Forget Forgiveness

01-04-18  Why You Should Forget Forgiveness

In this episode, Dr. Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) talks about the dangers of  burying anger in a shallow grave. When we fool ourselves into believing that we’ve forgiven someone who wronged us when, in fact, we still secretly harbor anger, we put ourselves at risk of emotional and physical illness. Find out how to use Dr. Turndorf’s revolutionary new Dialoguing with the Departed technique to bury that anger once and for all and heal your mind, body and soul. Call-in and discover the instant healing that comes from dialoguing with your loved and hated ones in spirit!

It’s Easy to Feel Happy When the Sun is Shining with Rabbi Frank

12-21-17   It’s Easy to Feel Happy When the Sun is Shining with Rabbi Frank

But, the real trick is feeling content and balanced at every phase of your life, including the difficult patches.

Join me for a wonderful hour with Rabbi Frank who has devoted his life and career to supporting others through all phases of life, from birth to the end of our bodily existence.

Bio: Rabbi Frank has been identified by local, national and international media, as well as his beloved congregants, as an, “inspirational”, “dynamic”, “charismatic”, and “Deco Drive” Rabbi.

Rabbi Frank is well-known for his spiritually uplifting and creative ceremonies. He combines both the traditional with the contemporary for congregants from all branches of Judaism, including the Interfaith.

His dedication to both his profession and congregants inspires him to conduct thousands of marriages, conversions, baby namings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and memorial services. He often makes guest appearances and is frequently seen and heard in the local media, and is published in many periodicals and books.

His caring and sensitive nature draws many people, including well-known celebrities from around the world, to engage him for their spiritual and religious ceremonies. He has traveled to extend his blessings throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Israel.
Guided by the vision of his late father, Rabbi Dr. Emmet Frank, and the great prophet Isaiah, and supported by his devoted and dedicated Synagogue staff, Rabbi Frank humbly states, “I am simply a Rabbi serving all people based on their individual and spiritual desires.

Twitter: @RabbiLoringFrank

How to Dialogue with Your Loved One in Spirit

12-07-17   How to Dialogue with Your Loved One in Spirit

In this episode, Dr. Turndorf will share the various ways that your loved one dialogues with you and how you can dialogue in response. Tune-in for an eye opening discussion of how to dialogue using though induciton, dreams, automatic writing, prayer, and Open Vessels and Earthly Props.