Dr Jamie Speaks to Jean Haner about Inner Design With Chinese Face Reading Workshop at Omega Institute

09-06-17 Dr Jamie Speaks to Jean Haner about Inner Design With Chinese Face Reading  Workshop at Omega Institute

Your Hidden Symmetry with Jean Haner
October 22nd -27th 2017 at Omega Institute,
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Discover an ancient branch of Chinese medicine that reveals how your inner spirit can be read through patterns in your facial features and birth date.

 You were born with an inner design, a hidden symmetry that acts like a map you can follow throughout your life—to find your true calling, become your authentic self, and know what you need to be happy in life, love, and career.

This ancient branch of Chinese medicine teaches how your inner spirit can be read in the patterns of your facial features and birth date. These patterns reveal your true personality, what lessons you came here to learn, what your strengths are, and why you have the challenges you have—as well as offering ways to overcome those challenges.

Gain simple, elegant, and practical tools you can use to understand, love, and accept everyone you encounter—including yourself. When you can see the true nature of each person in your life, you can dissolve all barriers to love. And when you learn to read your own inner spirit, you discover your personal guide to the rich and joyful life you truly deserve.

Hay House author Jean Haner has worked in the field of subtle energy for 30 years. A natural intuitive empath, she is able to physically feel and work with the energy of people and places.

Highly sensitive as a child, she easily absorbed the energy of others, as well as being overly affected by the energy held in environments. But, through years of training and experience, Jean transformed her sensitivity into the power to work with energy on a very high level.

Because of her personal experience with both the challenges and strengths of being an empath, she is well known as a compassionate and effective teacher, offering meaningful tools that others can put to immediate use in life.

Haner also consults and teaches about the Chinese art of face reading, balance, and health. She is author of The Wisdom of Your Face and The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face.  http://www.jeanhaner.com/

Jean’s Twitter Handle: @JEANHANER
Jean’s Facebook Handle: FAN PAGE IS ‘JEAN HANER AUTHOR’

Could the “Bad” Things that Happen Really Be Good Things in Disguise?

08-31-17 Title: Could the “Bad” Things that Happen Really Be Good Things in Disguise?

Description: I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “God never gives you more than you can handle.” This statement is designed to help people weather the tough times, but I think it needs to be revised. We aren’t supposed to white-knuckle our way through life. When we have a hard time, we’re supposed to open our hearts, eyes and ears and decipher what this hard time is teaching us.

We are given exactly what we need in order to complete our spiritual development. When life is painful, think of it as spiritual growing pains, or that hair is being put on your spiritual chest!

This means that each trial you face is actually a spiritual lesson is disguise. You can feel like a victim and become depressed and turn your back on spirit, or you can remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. When you approach challenges with this attitude, you will then naturally ask yourself what your current difficulty is teaching you, and how you can share this lesson with others to make the world a better place.

Tune-in for an eye opening episode that will help you turn the bitter and very hard to swallow lemons in your life into spiritual lemonade!

Do You Fear Your Grief Will Never End?

08-17-17  Do You Fear Your Grief Will Never End?

Contrary to popular belief, time doesn’t heal grief. In fact, time makes grief worse!

Why do I say this?

Because when you form a strong love bond with another person, that bond is for life. Your loved one’s bodily departure doesn’t alter that bond.

In other words, you aren’t meant to be separated from those you love. And, the longer you go without connecting to your loved one, the worse you feel, and the worse your grief becomes.

And, the only way to end the grief is to reconnect and stay connected.

So, if you want your grief to end, you must keep the thread of connection alive. And, to do this, you must continue weaving the thread of connection into the tapestry of your current life and daily rituals, so that you continue making new memories with those in spirit rather than reminiscing over old memories, which only makes you more sad.

Tune-in and find out how you can reconnect today!

How Your Beloved Pet in Spirit Can Help You to Heal

06-25-17  How Your Beloved Pet in Spirit Can Help You to Heal

Animals are perhaps the purest source of unconditional love in the universe.

When a beloved pet leaves his/her body, that dear creature unites with God. And, since God is love, your pet in spirit is even more capable of bringing you more unconditional love and healing than ever before!

In addition, domestic and wild animals still living in a body are what I call Open Vessels, since they have a direct pipeline to the spirit realm. This means that domestic and wild animals are naturally able to assist us in communicating with our two and four-legged loved ones in spirit.

In this episode, I will teach you how to directly communicate with your beloved pet in spirit and also enlist the aid of domestic and wild creatures to help you communicate with your two and four-legged loved ones in spirit.

I can assist you in establishing your own reconnection, which is the only way to end your grieving over your “lost” loved one and also the ideal way to fast track your healing and prosperity in every area of your life.