The Big Picture of Unconditional Love

05-17-18  Title: The Big Picture of Unconditional Love

Description: I invite you to join me for a wonderful show in which I will explore the world of unconditional love, which permeates our lives, yet often goes unrealized and underutilized. In this episode, you will meet Harold Becker whose definition of unconditional love is “an unlimited way of being” to explore the bigger picture of humanity’s journey. Tune-in for a fascinating discussion of what it means to give ourselves permission to go beyond our perceived limitations into greater levels of freedom and peace. Discover what it means to include this all-pervasive and powerful energy in your daily life and how your personal choices be a catalyst for great change on the planet.
Bio: Harold W. Becker

Author of Internal Power: Seven Doorways to Self Discovery, Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being, Unconditional Love Is . . . Appreciating Aspects of Life
Inspiring Unconditional Love – Reflections from the Heart
Inspiring Unconditional Love 2 – More Reflections from the Heart 
& Unconditional Love, A Guide to Personal Freedom (video)

Harold W. Becker has dedicated his life to living and sharing the practical application of unconditional love. Since 1990, his consulting company, Internal Insights, has had its focus to “empower people through self awareness and unconditional love.”  In 2000 he founded the globally recognized non-profit, The Love Foundation Inc., with the intent to “inspire people to love unconditionally.”  He blends incredible insight and intuition with humor, compassion and kindness for a strong inspirational and motivational vision in all of his endeavors which also include business, writing, speaking and personal guidance.

Harold’s success and powerful understanding about life is evident in his collective published work including, Internal Power: Seven Doorways To Self Discovery, (White Fire 2008/New World Library 1993), Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being (White Fire 2007) Unconditional Love Is… Appreciating Aspects of Life, (White Fire 2010) Inspiring Unconditional Love – Reflections from the Heart (White Fire 2010), Inspiring Unconditional Love 2 – More Reflections from the Heart (White Fire 2011) and a PBS special entitled, Unconditional Love – A Guide to Personal Freedom (1997, DVD 2007) along with numerous articles and short stories.

In his continuing desire to touch the world with a message of love, he founded Global Love Day, an annual international celebration of humanity held each May 1st. This yearly event has brought the recognition of universal understandings and the transcendent power of unconditional love to a global audience including individuals, groups, organizations and political leaders.

Harold’s exceptional awareness of life comes from his enduring commitment to helping others. After his mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1985, Harold devoted much of his spare time working with cancer patients and their families and began to investigate the many meanings and understandings of life. (She continues to be a cancer survivor, having combined his techniques and traditional treatment.) He has volunteered thousands of hours to assist people through their often devastating personal traumas and happily shares his wisdom and understanding with anyone who asks.

A remarkable, self-motivating achiever, Harold worked his way through college in management positions including banking, finance and retail and earned his MBA by age 25. His natural talent in the business field earned him high praise and respect by all involved. In a bold move, he left a management position in the banking industry to realize his dream, based on the premise that we all have the internal power to live life freely and joyfully.

Harold W. Becker has pursued a life of service, personal growth, and unconditional love and always searches for the highest and best out of every personal experience. From his enriching and educational workshops, TV and radio interviews, numerous public appearances, post prison/ addiction outreach program, and community leadership roles, Harold’s forthright approach conveys his message with the awareness of one who knows love.

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Visit and Cell 407-779-2436

Are You Ready to Stretch Toward Your Best Self? with World Renowned Author Lauren Walker

04-19-18  Are You Ready to Stretch Toward Your Best Self? with World Renowned Author Lauren Walker

Experience the simple, elegant, and powerful tools of Energy Medicine Yoga in this workshop with its creator, Lauren Walker at  Omega Institute May 11-13th 
Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network
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According to author Lauren Walker, if we want to reach the goal of ultimate union with ourselves, and with the divine, we need to master more than just the physical body. In EMYoga you’ll learn asana practices (physical postures) that incorporate poses and moves to access your underlying energy. Some of the poses look similar to yoga poses you may already be familiar with. Others will be complete departures from standard yoga and are used to influence specific flows of energy. You’ll use the electromagnetic energy of your own body, often with your hands, to affect the energy in your body – sort of like those old games where you pull a magnet around to draw features on a face with iron shillings.

Energy Medicine Yoga is a tantra-based practice. The Sanskrit word tantra means “to weave and to stretch towards.” More broadly it also refers to systematic techniques for achieving a particular outcome. The yoga part of EMYoga is grounded in a practice with emphasis on various techniques to help you accept your innate perfection and from there transform into, or stretch toward, becoming your best self.When I first started studying tantra yoga, I was amazed at all the things involved that seemed to have nothing to do with my idea of “yoga”—things like Vedic astrology, gemology, and aromatherapy, as well as things like gratitude, journaling, and rituals. But as I’ve come to understand the deeper meaning and power of yoga, it all makes perfect sense.

The power and comprehensive practices of EMYoga incorporate pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, visualization, journaling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, nutrition, diet, body image, and belief systems. The beauty of energy work is that it translates into every facet of your life—from what, how, and when you eat to how you think and how you feel about your body, mind, and life. It only starts on the mat. EMYoga touches every area of your life because energy touches every area of your life. The result of this practice is a deep love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself just as you are now. This is one of the most powerful takeaways: self-love. From that place, all healing, transformation, contentment, and peace are possible. Being in flow with life, having gratitude for your very existence and experiences, joy at your abilities, compassion for others—these are the gifts life has to offer and the fruits of your EMYoga practice.

​Bio: Lauren Walker is the author of Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice (Sounds True, 2014) and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription (Sounds True, 2017). She’s been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997 and created Energy Medicine Yoga while teaching at Norwich University. She teaches EMYoga across the US and internationally and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra +, Yoga Digest, and The New York Times. She was recently named one of the top 100 most influential yoga teachers in the US. You can find her complete schedule at

Twitter: @EnergyMedYoga

How to Make Love with Your Partner in Spirit with Psychic Medium Susanne Wilson

04-05-18 How to Make Love with Your Partner in Spirit with Psychic Medium Susanne Wilson

Tune-in and get the low-down on how you can get-down with your partner in spirit.

Yes, your loved one in spirit wants to love you, as much as you want to love him or her.

Your loved ones in spirit are here to love you in every way.

It’s your job to learn how to let them in and resume your relationship.

As Susanne says, “You must give yourself permission to experience a new kind of relationship with your loved ones in spirit. Release your fears; you are safe. It is your loving thoughts, good intentions, and gratitude that give you the best grounding and protection of all. By saying a brief grounding and protection prayer, you are setting the intention to stay within the power of love, which is the highest vibration in the universe.”

Join me for a wonderful conversation with Susanne Wilson, one of today’s top mediums.

Bio: Susanne is an author, evidential medium, intuition expert, and spiritual teacher.

She has appeared on Beyond Belief, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Fox News National, numerous radio and TV interviews, and international conferences.

Susanne was born gifted, but hid in the “psychic closet” while working for most of her life as a corporate executive and university director. In 2007, her priorities shifted after she had a near-death experience. This brush with death changed her mind about what matters most, in life, and after life.

She holds a master’s degree in public administration, a bachelor’s degree in management, and certifications in human resources and hypnotherapy. She has studied mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in England. Few people know that Susanne is also a certified specialist of wine.

Her mission is to teach people how to make their own connections with spirit guides and loved ones in spirit. This assurance that we are never alone and we never die is very comforting to many people.

Susanne is a tested and verified research medium. She has participated in controlled scientific research with Dr. Gary Schwartz, a renowned afterlife scientist, who states, “Susanne has been one of the best. Her skills as an evidential medium are complimented by her high integrity, credibility, and moral principles.”

Susanne currently serves as board member for the Afterlife Research & Education Institute (AREI) as well as its director of mediumship research and education. In addition, Susanne serves on the Board of Advisors for the SoulPhone Foundation at the University of Arizona.

Susanne lives in Carefree, Arizona with her husband of 30 years, Carl, and their two schnauzers, Baron and Bentley. Susanne’s clients nicknamed her “The Carefree Medium” not only because she is based in Carefree, but also because she teaches people how to tap into their intuition and thus live a much more carefree life.

Twitter Handle:  Carefree Medium
Facebook Page: Carefree Medium

How to Use the Breath to Reconnect with Loved Ones in Spirit

03-15-18 How to Use the Breath to Reconnect with Loved Ones in Spirit

Did you know that spirit is born on the breath?

Tune-in to this week’s show and find out how to breathe your way to bliss using my powerful breathing techniques that enable you to instantly reconnect with spirit. As you will discover, reconnecting is the secret to transforming your grief to joy, and the path to healing and prosperity.

Dr. Turndorf looks forward to speaking with you during the live broadcast and helping you to reconnect and dialogue with your loved one in spirit.