Beneath the Clutter Lies Your Effulgent Self

08-28-18 Beneath the Clutter Lies Your Effulgent Self.

Devrah’s writings and work revolve around our removing the clutter from our lives, whether that be spiritual or worldly attachments or identifications in order to be who we are.

Who we truly are is timeless and limitless but this has been shrouded in layers and layers of mind, matter and illusion.

False identifications, including those that are spiritual in nature, have only added to the concepts that reside in the mind, thus perpetuating the belief that we are getting to our goal when in fact we are sinking deeper into the illusion.

To be who we truly are, we must shed all that we are not and all we are not is anything that is conceivable or perceivable. To be free we must go beyond mind to where love just is.

Devrah Laval is an Amazon international best-selling author of two books, The Magic Doorway into the Divine and Leap to Freedom – Healing Quantum Guilt.
She is currently finishing her third book. Devrah is in the process of creating a feature film from her first book, The Magic Doorway and is available for private consults.

To see what she is currently creating, and to participate in her creative process, visit: When you donate any amount from $1 to …? you will receive gifts and the chance to add your insights and suggestions into the writing of her films.

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Living the Dream…? No Way, Dream’s Living Me!

08-23-18 Living the Dream…?  No Way, Dream’s Living Me!

Carl Bozeman is a spiritual pioneer and the author of the bestselling book “On Being God-Beyond Your Life’s Purpose.” He has also written “Are You Listening – Addressing the Divine within, On Human Being – Loving & Living Without Purpose and Shaman.” His book “Are You Listening–Addressing the Divine Within” can be downloaded for free at the website;

Carl’s quest is to get you out of your mind and challenge each of us to see through the limiting illusion we accept as life – to challenge our beliefs and all limiting behaviors in such a way that a new, but old awareness becomes the mainstream of our existence. Carl’s work, the essence of everything he does, is to get YOU to the awareness that what you think is not what you are and “what you are” has no description.   Discovering that exceeds anything else you will do in life!

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The Ultimate Self-Care with Barbara Halcrow MSW

06-21-18 The Ultimate Self-Care with Barbara Halcrow MSW

Barbara is originally from Penticton, BC and has lived and worked in communities throughout southern British Columbia, Manitoba, the Yukon Territory and also in Seoul, Korea, where she taught English as a Second Language (ESL).

In receiving her Master of Social Work (MSW), Barbara Halcrow attended the Universities of Victoria and Manitoba. Barbara has worked in a wide range of social service and therapeutic arenas, in rural and urban communities throughout her career that included: child protection and family counselling, domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental health and addictions, people with disabilities and adult and older adult health issues.

The healthcare arena in Vancouver, BC was the most recent career shift for Barbara where she worked over a 15 year period throughout acute care, rehabilitation and community sectors.

While in healthcare she also held several leadership positions that included, Social Work Clinical Practice Leader At GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, as the Professional Practice Leader of Social Work in Richmond, BC; the Family and Social Support Consultant at both Three Bridges and Raven Song Community Health Centres and finally as the Team Leader of Home Health at Raven Song Community Health Centre in Vancouver, BC.

Throughout the years Barbara also kept her focus on advancing her spiritual learning and development by taking healing energy teachings in the communities she lived in. She also studied some advanced methods such as the “Melchizedeck Method” from the Kamadon Academy in Australia. Barbara also attended The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, a world-renowned institution for Psychic Development and Mediumship. Additionally, Barbara completed a 2nd level in Reiki healing in Vancouver.

In 2011 Barbara Halcrow ventured to write her first book, a partial memoir called “Spiritual Intelligence, How Your Spirit will Lead You To Health, Happiness and Success” (Expert Author Publishers, Coquitlam, BC).

Her second, most recent publication entitled, “ULTIMATE SELF-CARE, A Holistic Guide For Strength and Balance In Changing Times” (Austin Macauley Publishers NY, USA, 2018) was a heartfelt, longstanding passion in terms of Barbara wanting to offer more practical help and nourishment from a fuller mind, body spiritual perspective, for all those who spend much of their personal or professional time giving care to others – as well as for anyone, anywhere, who simply wants to improve their own self-care practices.  Barbara’s plan is to write a third book – so stay tuned.
C: 604-999-3116
Facebook only: Barbara Halcrow

Welcome Co-Host Virginia Dee with Never Give Up

05-03-18  Welcome Co-Host Virginia Dee with Never Give Up

Virginia offers clairvoyant readings and energetic healing work. She specializes in RoseReadings, using the symbol of a rose to provide information and insight, from the spiritual perspective, about your present- time growth periods. As well, all readings include Past Life readings which provide valuable information to apply to present life experiences. Her readings are focused on validating spirit, providing extensive and valuable information about present, past time and past life experiences and support for accessing each person’s natural healing abilities.  604-218-2560