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Heather Lean05-06-21 Say Hello to Grandma and Grandpa After They Leave Their Bodies

Children, and their parents, often worry that they will forget loved ones who have left their bodies.

After the bodily death of a loved one, there are many ways that children and families can remember their loved ones.

Thanks to two amazing new children’s books, we can now help our little ones connect with those they lost and help them remember how much they are loved, and how that bond of love never dies.

Join me to hear Heather Lean’s courageous story and discover her highly-anticipated new children’s book, Angel Grandma (published by Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream).

About Heather Lean:

Attorney by day and mother of two, Heather Lean decided to begin pursuing her dream of writing children’s books.

Her first book, Angel Grandma, was written after grieving the loss of her mother-in-law and her mother. Angel Grandma is a book that is poignant, tenderly touching on the theme of loss and love. The book has helped her explain to her own children that love never leaves us. The illustrations are ethereal, coupled with mesmerizing colors that stimulate a child’s fantasy.

Writing Angel Grandma sparked her passion and her life’s purpose, and she found herself writing several other books.

In this show, we will introduce her highly-anticipated new release, Angel Grandpa.

Heather resides in New York, where she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets, writing and continuously learning and growing. She has four hens, three cats, and a puppy named Beau.

Heather’s books Angel Grandma and Angel Grandpa can be found on her publisher’s website:

Heather’s website.
Contact Heather Lean by:
Email for more updates on her book:

Video Version:

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