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Love Never Dies Archives with Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Charge and The Energy Body with Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

10-04-18  Charge and The Energy Body with Anodea Judith, Ph.D. Workshop: Charge Up Your Chakras At Omega Oct 26-Oct 28 2018 Rhinebeck, NY We all know what it’s like to have a “charge” about something. It could be excitement, fear, sexual arousal, or even irritation....

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We Consciousness with Karen Noé

09-20-18 We Consciousness with Karen Noé At Omega: We Consciousness 33 Profound Truths for Inner & Outer Peace Oct 12 - Oct 14 2018 Rhinebeck, NY After best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer left the physical plane in...

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Awake! Be Your Own Messiah…

09-06-18 Awake! Be Your Own Messiah... Join Dr. Turndorf with her guest Kip Baldwin as they discuss the secret to what it means to shift one's consciousness to the absolute awareness of the supreme source, LOVE, that exists beyond all infinite stories of duality,...

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LOVE the Suicide Solution

06-21-18 LOVE the Suicide Solution Join me for a discussion with Kip Baldwin of S.O.U.L as we look deep into the causes of suicide. Kip believes that beyond the surface symptoms, there is a fundamentally flawed system of institutionalized fear that we all have been...

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Living & Leading with Congruency

06-07-18 Living & Leading with Congruency How often do you do something out of obligation, because you think you should? How often do you say yes, when in your heart your really want to say no! Everyday, so many of us make unconscious decisions and choices to...

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The Big Picture of Unconditional Love

05-17-18  Title: The Big Picture of Unconditional Love Description: I invite you to join me for a wonderful show in which I will explore the world of unconditional love, which permeates our lives, yet often goes unrealized and underutilized. In this episode, you will...

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How Reconnecting Heals You

03-01-18 How Reconnecting Heals You If you think about the language people use to describe physical death you’ll hear things like he’s moved into the light or he’s crossed over... All these expression imply that those in spirit are away from us, when, in fact, they...

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Want to Be More Receptive to Spirit?

02-15-18  Want to Be More Receptive to Spirit? In this week's show, Dr. Turndorf will give you an overview of the skills you need to send and receive spirit communications. Remember, your ability to communicate with spirit is a two-pronged process. First you need to...

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How is Spirit Communication Possible?

01-18-18  How is Spirit Communication Possible? In this episode, Dr. Jamie Turndorf reveals that spirit communication is not a skill that’s reserved for psychic mediums. In fact, we all engage in daily energetic communication with those who walk the earth plane....

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Why You Should Forget Forgiveness

01-04-18  Why You Should Forget Forgiveness In this episode, Dr. Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) talks about the dangers of  burying anger in a shallow grave. When we fool ourselves into believing that we’ve forgiven someone who wronged us when, in fact, we still secretly...

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How to Dialogue with Your Loved One in Spirit

12-07-17   How to Dialogue with Your Loved One in Spirit In this episode, Dr. Turndorf will share the various ways that your loved one dialogues with you and how you can dialogue in response. Tune-in for an eye opening discussion of how to dialogue using though...

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Letting Out Your Inner Medium With Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton

10-19-17  Letting Out Your Inner Medium With Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton Do you have an inner medium that's begging to be set free? Tune-in for a special interview with renowned psychic medium, Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton, who after years of being a stay-at-home mom and...

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