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Sandy Sanderson07-15-21 How Your Skin Reveals What is Ailing You on the Inside with Sandy Sanderson

Not only is our skin the largest organ in the body, it does extremely important work to protect our bodies against water loss, microorganisms, and sun damage – not to mention maintaining a youthful complexion.

Did you know that the more hydration in the skin, the better the electrical conductance?  A healthy glowing skin relates to more than just appearance, but also indicates the energetic capacity of the skin and internal organs.

Ill health, bad diet, traumas or excessive stress will usually show telltale damaging signs in the skin, causing it to look dry and pallid, or to become inflamed with psoriasis, eczema, rashes and dermatitis symptoms.

Over time, if not nutritionally replenished, the skin can age prematurely, losing collagen structures, developing rosacea and spider veins, and losing elasticity.  That means sagging and getting more wrinkly.  Even worse, excessive sun damage can lead to melanomas.

Learn how to maintain a youthful complexion and protect against premature skin aging.

And, find out how to decipher what your skin may be saying to you about the overall health of your mind and body.

Bio: Sandy Sanderson, B.Arts. Uni NSW (1979) +Post grad studies (business / marketing) (QUT & Griffith Uni Qld) 1992-93
Publisher of ‘This Month on The Gold Coast’ magazine 1998-2009
Founder and CEO of Elektra Magnesium 2008-present.

After her health crisis in 2008 from years of stress overload and shift working as a magazine publisher, Sandy discovered that magnesium deficiency was the primary cause of stress-related diseases. Without enough magnesium cell metabolism and recovery is diminished. Transdermal magnesium helped Sandy to recover from heart arrhythmia and other symptoms of Hashimotos hypothyroidism.

Since that time Sandy and her husband Peter, a formulating chemist, have been on the mission of their lifetime to develop an Australian range of natural magnesium body care products branded ‘Elektra Magnesium’, which is packed full of nutrition and quality ingredients. These products are far more effective at delivering magnesium to cells via skin compared to oral tablets and powders. They also work great as anti-ageing natural skin care.

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