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Your Symphony of Selves: James Fadiman & Jordan Gruber

07-02-21 Your Symphony of Selves: James Fadiman & Jordan Gruber Why you are a different you at different times and how that’s both normal and healthy... Each of us is comprised of distinct, autonomous, and inherently valuable “selves”. They also show that honoring...

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Stop Cutting Cords: Michelle Welch

06-25-21 Stop Cutting Cords: Michelle Welch Work with the energies that connect all people, and instead of cutting cords, you will learn to transform and transmute negative energy in ways that support your personal spiritual journey. Embrace your connection to others...

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Opening to Grief: Claire Willis

06-18-21 Opening to Grief: Claire Willis Grief and love are richly intertwined. Because we love, we grieve. And when we fully feel our sorrow, we open to loving ourselves and other beings more deeply. All of us experience loss. Some of us have lost a spouse, or a...

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Chakra Healing: Glen Park

06-11-21 Chakra Healing: Glen Park Chakras can be understood as an embodied map of the psyche, with each chakra representing a different stage of development from infancy and childhood through adulthood, with the Heart Chakra playing a central role in awakening the...

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Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim: Steve Kanji Ruhl

06-04-21 Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim: Steve Kanji Ruhl Let's compare the lives and teachings of three of the world's most admired spiritual masters: Francis of Assisi, the Christian saint; Dogen, the great Zen Buddhist teacher; and Rumi, the Islamic Sufi master....

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Going Beyond: Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

05-28-21 Going Beyond: Dr. Rupert Sheldrake To go beyond is to move into a higher state of consciousness, to a place of bliss, greater understanding, love, and deep connectedness, a realm where we finally find life's meaning - experiences for which all spiritual...

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Clear Light: Steve Taylor

05-21-21 Clear Light: Steve Taylor Reflections is a guide to spiritual awakening and offers experiential glimpses of the state of enlightenment itself. Taylor ranges widely, through subjects including “Making the Human Race Whole,” “Freedom from the Past,” and “The...

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Bride of the Buddha: Barbara McHugh

05-14-21 Bride of the Buddha: Barbara McHugh Imagine... the story of Yasodhara, the abandoned wife of the Buddha. Facing society’s challenges, she transforms her rage into devotion to the path of liberation. The page-turner about a woman’s struggle in an unapologetic...

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Sovereign Self: Acharya Shunya

05-07-21 Sovereign Self: Acharya Shunya There’s a reason that the Vedas, a 5,000-year-old collection of celebrated verses from ancient India, have given rise to several world religions and influenced Western thinkers from Emerson to Ram Dass? They provide us with a...

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Creating Optimal Health & Wellness: Dr. Meg Haworth

04-30-21 Creating Optimal Health & Wellness: Dr. Meg Haworth Do you understand the connection between our life experiences and our illnesses later in life. What if you had a groundbreaking mind-body technique for self-healing along with a useful chart of...

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Spirit Translator: Diana Cole

04-23-21 Spirit Translator: Diana Cole Seven transformative truths for well-being and happiness form the backbone of this walk with spirit. Create a relationship with your Spirit Guides. - raise your vibrations – so others will begin treating you better – and you can...

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Return of Planet Sedna: Jennifer Gehl

04-16-21 Return of Planet Sedna: Jennifer Gehl The Story of Sedna mythologically, astrologically, and astronomincally is the story of Earth and all her beings remembering who they are–beings of the infinite cosmos and consciousness. Her frequency is like the anomolous...

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Aging Boldly: Jeannie Ralston

04-09-21 Aging Boldly: Jeannie Ralston Aging is a fact of life. Aging boldly is a state of mind. NextTribe is a lifestyle network for smart, engaged women over 45. NextTribe's mission is to inform, promote, and connect women of this age. Now women in their mid-50s ......

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Alchemy of Inner Work: Lorie Dechar & Benjamin Fox

04-02-21 Alchemy of Inner Work: Lorie Dechar & Benjamin Fox A redefinition of healing that brings the soul back into the conversation and links individual health to the vitality of the world soul—the surrounding community of human and nonhuman beings that make up...

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Bliss Brain: Dawson Church

03-26-21 Bliss Brain: Dawson Church Neuroplasticity is the law of the brain. Neuroplasticity means that what you do with your brain can actually produce changes in its structure. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are creating neural pathways in your brain by...

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Big Miracles: Joanna Garzilli

03-19-21 Big Miracles: Joanna Garzilli The 11 Spiritual Rules of Big Miracles will teach you exactly how to make huge positive changes in your life and replace anxiety with tranquility, self-doubt with self-acceptance, and insecurity with certainty about your life...

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Manifesting Love: Jean Adrienne

03-12-21 Manifesting Love: Jean Adrienne The time is now for the divine feminine to return to her place of honor on our planet and in the Universe. For over five thousand years, she’s been pushed to the background to allow the divine masculine to find his personal...

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Healing the Mother Wound: Kerri Hummingbird

03-05-21 Healing the Mother Wound: Kerri Hummingbird A woman in her true power gives everyone a space to flourish because she is the constant gardener, she is the Mother Earth. She is not afraid to let the forest burn down or weeds to grow rampant because she knows...

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Overwhelmed and Over It: Christine Arylo

02-26-21 Overwhelmed and Over It: Christine Arylo Exhale all that pressure you have been carrying around like a twenty-five-pound sack of judgment against yourself. The guilt, expectations, obligations, criticisms, comparisons, and ideals of what you should have done,...

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The Chiron Effect: Lisa Tahir

02-19-21 The Chiron Effect: Lisa Tahir In our astrological natal chart, also called our birth chart, the location of Chiron reveals core wounds, which block our capacity to have self-empathy and to forgive. Lack of empathy and compassion for ourselves and others...

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