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11:11 Talk Radio Archives with Simran Singh


11-24-23 7 BLESSINGS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE: Simran There are moments when the human journey can feel like an uphill climb with both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. Hidden in plain sight are a unique and unconventional set of blessings available to all of us to...

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11-17-23 ANGEL ABUNDANCE: Belinda Womack Would you like to connect with the boundless care and “deep pockets” of your Soul to transform financial struggles and eliminate self-doubt? The 12 Archangels want you to know that life keeps improving when you make room for...

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11-03-23 SACRED FEMININE ARCHETYPES: Mara Branscombe Journey through the archetypal wisdom of the divine feminine to reclaim your authentic self and to follow your soul’s longing. Embodiment teacher Mara Branscombe takes an intriguing look at the seven feminine...

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UNDAUNTED: Carolyn Baker

10-27-23 UNDAUNTED: Carolyn Baker We know that countless humans are reeling with climate anxiety and experiencing fear, anger, grief, despair, dread, and understandably attempting to cope with the reality of potential human extinction with massive amounts of denial....

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10-13-23 IN SERVICE TO HUMANITY: Steve Farrell Let's dive into the inspiring story from the pursuit of wealth and traditional ideas of success toward a more fulfilling life of caring and service to others and to humanity. This is also the story of the potential each...

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KALI-KI REIKI: Rajashree Maa

09-29-23 KALI-KI REIKI: Rajashree Maa Kali-Ki Reiki symbols are seen as unique, three-dimensional, active, intelligent forms of light that tap into certain universal energy frequencies that are particularly attuned to the evolving conscious awareness as well as the...

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09-15-23 MADONNA SECRET: Sophie Strand Mary Magdalene’s confessions reveal a sensual world of love and betrayal, magic and mystery, hidden within the Gospels ----Beginning with Miriam’s childhood as a member of a wealthy Jewish family living outside of Bethany, we see...

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RADICAL REGENERATION: Andrew Harvey & Carolyn Baker

09-01-23 RADICAL REGENERATION: Andrew Harvey & Carolyn Baker Is there a way to uncover and sustain joy in ourselves and use joy as fuel for continuing Sacred Activism in challenging, chaotic, and even dangerous times? Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker share...

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AKASHA: Lisa Barnett

08-25-23 AKASHA: Lisa Barnett Akasha is the recording of all that exists. And now it is yours to embrace. Move outside of time and space and enter the quantum field of the Akasha, where all that has happened, is happening, and will happen is energetically encoded in...

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KNOWING: The 7 Human Expressions of Grace

02-10-23 KNOWING: The 7 Human Expressions of Grace Deborah Beauvais, Founder Dreamvisions7 Radio Network hosts an intimate conversation on Knowing Face... A sacred romance began eons ago when One separated into two; and two became many. All of life stemmed from that...

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Endless Awakening: Patrick Paul Garlinger

01-27-23 Endless Awakening: Patrick Paul Garlinger Have you awakened spiritually yet still feel stuck? You are not alone. Many seekers feel dissatisfied despite years of practice. When you let go of the idea that you are on a journey, you arrive at your destination....

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Appalachian Zen: Steve Kanji Ruhl

01-20-23 Appalachian Zen: Steve Kanji Ruhl Steve Kanji Ruhl describes a journey we all take, one that Buddhism calls “seeking our true home.” Edgy, lyrical, and lovingly rendered, this book recounts how a kid from a Pennsylvania mill-town trailer park grew...

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Living Unapologetically: Seana Zelazo

12-30-22 Living Unapologetically: Seana Zelazo Over 4000 years ago in ancient Sumer, some of the first mythographers inscribed the stories and myths of the Goddess Inanna on clay tablets in cuneiform. These incredible findings were unearthed, and the fragments were...

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Healing Sounds: Jonathan Goldman

12-16-22 Healing Sounds: Jonathan Goldman Goldman explains in detail how to perform vocal harmonics--a form of overtone chanting--and experience their transformative and healing powers. He shows how harmonics can be used as sonic yoga for meditation and deep...

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Wounds to Wisdom: Lora Soloman

12-02-22 Wounds to Wisdom: Lora Soloman A conversation that illuminates a journey through the body and reveals the potential held within your very blood and bones. It will transform the way you see your life story, bringing clarity and a sense of awe to who you are...

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How the World Speaks To Us: SIMRAN

11-25-22 How the World Speaks To Us: SIMRAN You are here to reunite mind, body, and spirit by creating, experiencing, and expressing. This will always engage a beginning, middle, and end. It will often encompass a challenge that unfolds a deeper lesson. Your jour- ney...

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Choose You First: Vicki Dobbs

11-11-22 Choose You First: Vicki Dobbs Are you all ready to crack open just a bit more today and let your Light shine brighter? Isn’t that an awesome a concept…sharing our Light? If you believe what you may have been told, and have come to know, that you are a child...

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Surviving the Storms: Mark Nepo

10-28-22 Surviving the Storms: Mark Nepo We live in a turbulent time. Storms are everywhere, of every shape and size. And like every generation before us, like every soul’s journey on Earth, we must learn the art of surviving storms, so we can endure and build a...

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You Are The Rock Star: Alexander Woodrow

10-14-22 You Are The Rock Star: Alexander Woodrow Yoga traditionally means a union, a bringing together of things. You can look at it as your mind and body being one, or as a marriage of your breath with your body. Either way, yoga brings us into oneness with what we...

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The Art of Living: Mark Matousek

09-30-22 The Art of Living: Mark Matousek Being alive is a risky business. No matter who you are, where you live, or how much privilege you enjoy, insecurity is the price tag on human existence, with danger, loss, and suffering close at hand even in the best of times....

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