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Patrick Paul Garlinger01-27-23 Endless Awakening: Patrick Paul Garlinger

Have you awakened spiritually yet still feel stuck? You are not alone. Many seekers feel dissatisfied despite years of practice. When you let go of the idea that you are on a journey, you arrive at your destination. When you accept that your journey never ends, you awaken fully and find the peace that eludes you. – Heal emotionally by embracing the paradox that you are already whole and still healing – Be true to yourself by embracing the paradox that you are beyond time and a story with a past, present, and future – See life differently by embracing the paradox that the world is a mirror of your mind and a mystery you will never unravel – When you open to paradox, a new relationship to spirituality awaits you.

Patrick Paul Garlinger is an award-winning author who experienced a profound spiritual awakening over a decade ago when he began to meet numerous spiritual teachers and experience higher states of consciousness. He writes to help humanity transcend the way we think about the nature of reality and the meaning of life.

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