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Steve Farrell-Simran10-13-23 IN SERVICE TO HUMANITY: Steve Farrell

Let’s dive into the inspiring story from the pursuit of wealth and traditional ideas of success toward a more fulfilling life of caring and service to others and to humanity. This is also the story of the potential each of us has for profound change and the power we all hold to open ourselves ever deeper to the Oneness of all things and to evolve consciously toward the highest versions of ourselves. Through this discussion, we will explore some with ideas, tools, a roadmap to greater awareness, and hope for the future as you become a more conscious leader in your family, workplace, and community while helping to create a better world. My guest, Steve Farrell co-founded and led two high-growth technology companies based in Silicon Valley that were featured in the INC500 and spanned the United States and Europe… and then embarked upon A New Universal Dream.

Steve Farrell attained the pinnacle of success as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, founding two high-tech firms. Then he pivoted to lead Humanity’s Team, a global nonprofit helping people everywhere awaken to our interconnectedness through platforms such as their new Humanity Stream+ streaming service. Steve’s new book, “A New Universal Dream,” details his journey from a young entrepreneur to a life in service to humanity. Find out more at: and

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