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Rajashree Maa09-29-23 KALI-KI REIKI: Rajashree Maa

Kali-Ki Reiki symbols are seen as unique, three-dimensional, active, intelligent forms of light that tap into certain universal energy frequencies that are particularly attuned to the evolving conscious awareness as well as the personal and societal dilemmas of our current times. Kali-Ki Reiki healing is understood as a means of bringing the entire human system into balance and alignment with our universal “Self” and the world around us, creating a wholeness of being that may have been previously cut off by stress, trauma, and cultural conditioning. Joni Dittrich, Ph.D. (Rajashree Maa), experienced a series of mystical encounters with the Divine Mother appearing as the goddess Kali Maa. We will discuss the healing symbols that She revealed, and share how these symbols can be used both for mind-body healing and spiritual awakening, or what Rajashree Maa calls “wisening.”

Rajashree Maa (Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.) is a venerated healer, teacher of meditation, yoga philosophy, and holistic wellness. After 25 years as a practicing psychologist Rajashree Maa began to have mystical experiences of the Divine Mother in the form of Kali, the goddess of transformation. These experiences led to her founding Kali-Ki Reiki? a new energy healing practice that not only heals on the individual level, but assists in bringing the consciousness of wholeness, unity, and love into our world at the critical juncture. She sees true healing as a gateway to spiritual “wisening” and realization of the Limitless Love at the heart of being. She is the founder of The Wisdom School based in Napa, California, where she offers healing and training in Kali-Ki Reiki, both online and in person. She is the author of “May the Loveforce Be With You – Kali-Ki Reiki: Healing Through Divine Mother and Yogic Wisdom.”

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