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jonathan goldman12-16-22 Healing Sounds: Jonathan Goldman

Goldman explains in detail how to perform vocal harmonics–a form of overtone chanting–and experience their transformative and healing powers. He shows how harmonics can be used as sonic yoga for meditation and deep relaxation as well as to enhance energy and resonate the chakras, the energy centers of the body. Exploring the vibrational principles that underlie the framework of the universe, including frequency and resonance, Goldman explains how harmonics represent the colors of sound and affect us on all levels, bridging body, mind, and spirit. He explores mantra and chakra chanting, sacred vowels, vocal toning, conscious listening, cymatics, sonic shamanism, magical incantations, and many other vibrational and sound healing techniques. Providing the basis for how and why sound can heal and transform, this new 30th anniversary edition of Healing Sounds also offers more than 100 minutes of exclusive audio downloads featuring recordings of sound healing exercises, guided meditations, and sonic excerpts to help you experience and embody the power of harmonics.

JONATHAN GOLDMAN, M.A. is an international authority and pioneer in the field of sound healing. He is author of numerous books including THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING, and the best-selling THE HUMMNG EFFECT (co-authored with his wife Andi Goldman) which won the 2018 Gold Visionary Award for “Health Books”. His classic HEALING SOUNDS has just had a special 30th Anniversary Edition released. Jonathan is director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. A Grammy nominee, he has created over 25 best-selling, award winning recordings including: “CHAKRA CHANTS”, “THE DIVINE NAME” (with Gregg Braden), “FREQUENCIES: SOUNDS OF HEALING” and “REIKI CHANTS”. Jonathan has been named as one of Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine’s “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People”.

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