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02-10-23 KNOWING: The 7 Human Expressions of Grace

Deborah Beauvais, Founder Dreamvisions7 Radio Network hosts an intimate conversation on Knowing Face… A sacred romance began eons ago when One separated into two; and two became many. All of life stemmed from that origin, expanding and contracting through the sacred constructs of duality, multiplicity and alchemy. Through a multi-sensory experience of Self, 7 human graces make way for knowing the full expanse of humanity that creates the embodied experiences of unconditional loving, compassion and peace. Inner authority, confidence, creativity and authenticity awaken through presence with our most human sensory expansion and the divine flowering of essence. You are not just a rainbow in the dark. An ‘unknown’ YOU has treasures in escrow. Your body holds secrets. The sacred trickles through your bloodlines and rests within the marrow of your bones. You are the embodiment of an enormous spirit that is non-judging, everlasting and all-knowing. Your soul purpose is to reweave human experience into the embodiment and humble power of a God on legs.

Deborah Beauvais is the Founder/Owner of Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network created in 2007 out of love with a vision to consciously serve humanity. Since 2004, Deborah’s syndicated radio show Love By Intuition has fostered empowerment, healing and unity consciousness. She is an intuitive, healer and facilitator of Light as a Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™ Practitioner trained by Dr. Eric Pearl. Deborah founded the Kids 4 Love Project, an enrichment program rooted in self-love unifying humanity as well as Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show celebrating kids making a difference. Deborah is co-author of “The Paper Doll Kids” with Janine Sullivan who wrote accompanying song “Kids for Love” sung by four of Deborah’s grandchildren. Deborah is also a contributing author for Chaos to Clarity Sacred Stories of Transformational Change, Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy and Mayhem to Miracles True Stories of Courage, Triumph and Peace.

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