Would You Like to Have a Better Connection with Your Pet?

06-25-17  Would You Like to Have a Better Connection with Your Pet?

Join Dr Judy as she interviews Sally Morgan, PT, CST, renowned specialist in holistic physical therapy for pets. Sally is certified in CranioSacral therapy, Reiki, Myofascial Release, SomatoEmotional Release and Tellington TTouch. In her long awaited book, Dances of the Heart–Connecting With Animals, Sally shares how she learned to listen to animals with her heart in order to make deeper connections with them. Sally travels widely teaching Equine and Small Animal CranioSacral Therapy and TTouch courses. She has a private practice in Holistic Physical Therapy for Pets and People in Massachusetts, where she lives with her corgi Trystan. You won’t want to miss this show where Sally will explain how all this benefits the animals she treats!

Coconut Oil is not the Same From One Brand to the Next

06-19-17  Coconut Oil is not the Same From One Brand to the Next

Join Dr. Judy Morgan this week as she interviews twin sisters, Charisa Antigua and Carmina O’Connor, founders of CocoTherapy. These sisters have been around coconuts their entire lives. Their family has been growing coconuts and making coconut oil for three generations in their family farm in the Philippines. After watching their grandma make coconut oil in her small kitchen, they knew that making the purest, tastiest, most nutritious oil was a labor of love. Their love of pets and desire to help others keep their pets healthy led them to start their own company. CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is USDA-certified organic, as well as NON-GMO Verified and is the only therapeutic-grade coconut oil in the market today. Find out how the processing of the oil affects the therapeutic benefits in this week’s broadcast. You’ll be an expert in no time!

Tonya Wilhelm, Pet Trainer and Blogger

06-11-17  Tonya Wilhelm, Pet Trainer and Blogger,

Join Dr. Judy Morgan as she interviews Tonya Wilhelm, pet trainer and blogger, discussing training your pet to be fearless during storms and fireworks. Tonya has been a professional in the pet community since 1998 and in the blogging world for over ten years. She has been a positive dog training specialist for two decades. Tonya has written a number of books and freelances for several dog-themed blogs and magazines. She travels the US presenting dog and cat behavior workshops at pet expos and events. Her main objective is to help others lead a fun and healthy lifestyle with their pets.

Dr. Cathy Alinovi, of Healthy PAWsibilities

06-05-17  Dr. Cathy Alinovi, of Healthy PAWsibilities

Join Dr. Morgan this week for interview with Dr. Cathy Alinovi, of Healthy PAWsibilities. Dr. Cathy Alinovi is a retired holistic veterinarian, author, media personality, and pet expert. Oh, and pet lover. She totally loves pets. Dr. Cathy began her veterinary education at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and also holds a Master of Science in Epidemiology from Purdue, but quickly realized that conventional medicine met some, but not enough, of her patients’ needs. This spurred her pursuit of holistic veterinary medicine for better animal health.

She is the author of the Healthy PAWsibilities series for young cats, young dogs, older cats, and older dogs. She is co-author with Susan Thixton of Dinner PAWsible, a cookbook for cats and dogs.