Who Will Care for Your Pet?

08-14-17  Who Will Care for Your Pet?

This week, Dr. Judy Morgan will be talking with Stephanie Grogan, of Grogan Law Offices in Bethesda, MD, who will be discussing how to plan for your pets’ future when the unexpected occurs.  In addition to her extensive career in law including her own firm, Stephanie is also the proud owner of a pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and therefore has a vested interest in this week’s topic.  Tune in to hear Stephanie talk about how to ensure your pets are cared for in the event of emergency or incapacitation as well as including arrangements for their guardianship in your will.  Do you know who will take care of your pets if you’re incapacitated?  What are the key considerations to include in a long term pet care plan?  Is a trust fund better than a bequest?  While you can‘t leave property to your pets, you can plan to make sure they have a good life and Stephanie will tell you how on this important show – you won’t want to miss it!

Meet the Only Holistic Veterinarian in Northwest Arkansas

08-07-17  Meet the Only Holistic Veterinarian in Northwest Arkansas

In this week’s show, Dr. Judy Morgan talks with author, speaker, educator and holistic veterinarian, Dr. Paula Jo (PJ) Broadfoot of VanBuren, AR, where she uses “all the tools in the toolbox” to restore normal body function to her patients.  Dr. Broadfoot, who opened her clinic in 1982, developed a strong interest in nutritional supplements, such as Deer Velvet, for both therapeutic use as well as general wellness.  She has a reputation for thinking outside of the box, using supplements and herbs to treat animals when other vets had given up.  This has attracted clients from hundreds of miles away willing to drive the distance so she can treat their precious pets.  What makes the only holistic veterinarian in Northwest Arkansas attract pet parents from so far away?  Be sure to tune in to hear how Dr. Broadfoot uses her skills to care for her patients as well as educating traditional veterinarians to move toward more integrated care.

From Farm to Bowl with Answers Pet Food

07-31-17 From Farm to Bowl with Answers Pet Food

Join Dr. Judy Morgan as she interviews two of the women making history in the pet food industry.  Meet Answers Pet Food’s Jacqueline Hill, VP of Operations and Roxanne Stone, VP of Research & Development and Procurement, to learn how a small company based in Pennsylvania is creating a unique fermented diet using only whole raw foods.  The family farms where they source livestock are Certified Humane Raised and Handled, and crops are grown in the traditional manner consistent with organic quality and sustainability.  What makes Answers Pet Food different from other raw diets?  Why did they choose fermentation?  You won’t want to miss this show to hear Jacqueline and Roxanne answer these questions and more!

Healthy Meal Balancing from a Certified Canine Nutritionist

07-24-17  Healthy Meal Balancing from a Certified Canine Nutritionist

David Agius is an accredited HATO animal nutritionist from the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia and has been involved in the pet nutrition industry since 2009. He actively works with dog owners through private consultations and in larger groups through canine nutrition workshops and seminars. David is passionate about providing a solid foundation for health by formulating healthy, balanced meal plans and is available to work with his clients in person, over the phone, or online.
David is also proud to carry Dr. Morgan’s Dental Drops for distribution to pet owners in Australia.