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12-04-23 Hope and the Power of Agency

Pamela Patalano, Holistic & Spiritual Practitioner, Environmental Activist and Community Organizer

The power of agency is “the ability to take action and responsibility for the changes we need to take place for the survival of humanity and this earth.” It can mean making positive changes to one’s own personal habits and attitudes in order to recover one’s health. It can mean organizing a community of activists to restore the health of a river. And, at a much higher level, it can mean advocating against federal legislation that favors industrial growth at the expense of human rights and environmental health. Today’s daunting challenges can be discouraging, and this episode begins with a story about asserting the power of faith, asking for help and stepping into the power of agency.

Guest Pam Patalano speaks about the power of agency from multiple perspectives. She is a holistic and spiritual practitioner, an environmental activist, a community organizer, podcaster, realtor and mother of five children. Pam has always had a calling to help people and to be part of healing this world, in which we must harmoniously co-exist to create a better earth for all of us. She has been involved in many community endeavors to help preserve forests, the rights of others and food security. She has made a concerted effort to educate and help people mitigate the toxicity in their communities, our country and our world, and she engages politically, working with law makers to create “sane” legislation.


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