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07-01-24 Living in Today’s World and Longevity

Guest Michael (Mikey) Peres, Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Journalist

By embracing a natural lifestyle, we can improve our own health outcomes, our quality of life, our longevity and our success. This is exemplified by a Blue Zone setting, an environment so natural, clean and simple that a remarkably large percent of its population lives to 100 years or older, in good health. Most of our lives are hardly Blue Zone simple, however, because most of us live in large complex societies within a rapidly evolving technologically-driven world.

Michael PeresMichael (Mikey) Peres. integrates skills as a software engineer, author and media personality to show us how to live our best lives. He is known for founding various tech, media, and news startups. He holds degrees in computer science, mathematics, and Jewish studies, and is now pursuing a degree in bio-medical engineering, with a keen interest in longevity.

This episode covers a lot of ground as we explore longevity and quality of life. Mikey talks about discovering your best learning style, working at what you love, eliminating processed sugars from your diet, fasting for longevity and embracing new technologies to enhance your job and your life.


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