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03-04-24 Spinning our Life Experiences into Compelling Stories

Guest Diane Wyzga, Story Guide, Consultant and Founder of Quarter Moon Story Arts

Young and old, we all enjoy listening to good stories. Children, in particular, love listening to parents and teachers tell stories about life experiences that influenced their lives. Oftentimes these stories tell about how they overcame difficult times in their lives, and we may ask to hear these stories over and over again. These stories become treasures to be passed down.

How might you create stories with your children that they may someday tell their own children?

Guest Diane Wyzga, Story Guide, Consultant and Founder of Quarter Moon Story Arts, helps us answer this question. From US Navy nurse to lawyer, from speaker to litigation consultant, from seasoned backpacking adventurer to storyteller, it’s all about falling down 7 and getting up 8. For 30 years, Diane has helped professionals take their story from a message only they could hear to the publishing world, the courtroom, hospitals, board meetings, the airwaves, and more. Today she helps women become successful Origin Story creators: finding the words they didn’t know they had to connect with, engage, and enliven their audience to action while transforming the lives of those they serve.

“When a person or opportunity beckons and you summon the courage to say ‘Yes!’ that’s the place where the story changes.”


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