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04-01-24 Tania Marien, Podcaster and Founder of Talaterra

The mission of Talaterra is to change the field of freelance environmental education to make it a sustainable career choice. By fostering an understanding of how freelance educators work in their communities, Talaterra is able to bring attention to the depth, breadth and knowledge of those working in this capacity.

Talaterra Founder Tania Marien is a podcast host and environmental correspondent. Her projects draw on her experiences working as an independent environmental education professional, first as the full-time editor, educator, and bookseller at ArtPlantae and now as a podcast producer, writer, researcher, and network builder.

Tania MarienHer current project explores how freelance environmental professionals contribute to environmental literacy. She believes that independent professionals are overlooked and that their professionalism and contributions to lifelong learning need to be recognized. Documenting their work is important because it fills the knowledge gap about how people learn about science and the environment outside of the classroom. Tania is also a contributor to The Carbon Almanac.

In the third segment, Tania talks about collaborating to create The Carbon Almanac, a game-changing publication and website which offers an incredible abundance of environmental learning resources for all ages and in multiple languages. Great resource links shared below.


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