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01-01-24 What is Bioethics?

Rachael McIntosh, Founder of the Foundation for Bioethics in Technology

Have you ever wondered about the environmental health implications of today’s rapidly-evolving technologies? The Foundation for Bioethics in Technology ( is at the forefront of safeguarding Earth’s natural biosphere while preserving humanity in the face of the ongoing Synthetic Biology Revolution. Committed to integrating ethics and consent into the intersection of technology and organic life, the foundation strives to enhance public awareness of potentially transformative technologies. By translating complex scientific information into accessible language, facilitates open conversations and bridges the gap between academia and the public.

Rachael McIntoshFounder Rachael McIntosh has a background in art and technology and over 15 years of experience leading conversations on the ethical implications of technological advancements. Having previously worked in the defense industry and contributed to the Rhode Island Geoengineering Study Commission, she spoke to the question “What is Geoengineering?” on the August 2020 episode of Story Walking. Inspired by her work and life experiences, she authored the thought-provoking series of novels, “Security Through Absurdity,” which gives us a window into this obscure world and a glimpse of her own fictionalized story walk.

Rapidly deployed technological advances have the potential to both help and hinder humanity. In this episode, we discuss bioethics in technology, as well as how and why corporations and governments overstep the boundaries of safety and human rights. And we highlight the importance of understanding how these technologies work and of taking countermeasures to avoid or lessen adverse ramifications that can threaten our health, our environment, our privacy and our freedom.


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Venture “Beyond the Horizon.” Join the Bioethics conversation about SPACE! Explore topics such as rockets, satellites, the international space race, off-planet experiments and mining, and the legal considerations.

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Shared in memory of Bob Houghtaling (July 10, 1954 – December 8, 2023)

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Consider the bioethics of Make Sunsets, a startup that attempted to earn revenue for geoengineering.

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