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Heartliving Archives with Dr. Cynthia Bischoff

Healing Wisdom

09-13-17  Healing Wisdom In this show, Dr. Cynthia will help you heal through understanding mind-body-spirit awareness principles.  Deep healing involves looking...

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Healing Your Inner Child

02-05-17   Healing Your Inner Child According to spiritual psychology, the Inner child is the “carrier of your personal stories, the vehicle for your memories of...

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Improving Your Relationships

12-04-16   Improving Your Relationships Description:  Intimacy is critical to the growth of our souls, and we learn our life lessons through the numerous...

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The Power of Your Intuition

10-02-16   The Power of Your Intuition Each of us has had some kind of intuitive experience—a prophetic dream or psychic moment or simple awareness that seems to...

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Reiki as a Powerful Healing Method

08-07-16   Topic:  Reiki as a Powerful Healing Method Dr. Cynthia Bischoff is an energy medicine practitioner in the U.S. and also a Master Teacher in Japan.  She...

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Letting Go of Worrying!

07-03-16   Letting Go of Worrying! Did you know that your views about life and your thoughts in general are directly related to the results that you create?  So,...

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The Significance of Your Dreams

04-03-16  The Significance of Your Dreams Why are dreams so significant and understanding them so important?  Join us for this exciting show in which we will...

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The Power of the Heart

02-07-16     The Power of the Heart What a perfect month to focus on the amazing power and intelligence of the heart as evidenced throughout history.  Dr. Cynthia...

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How to Manifest a Great New Year!

01-03-16  How to Manifest a Great New Year! In this inspiring show, Dr. Cynthia will help you get clear about what you want for this New Year and assist you with...

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