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Healing from Within Archives with Sheryl Glick

Merrie Lynn Ross

10-23-13   Guest Merrie Lynn Ross, author of “Life As An Improv” and numerous other books. Merrie Lynn shares her extraordinary experiences as an award winning filmmaker, actress, and author and most importantly a lead child activist working with other film notables,...

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Dr. Maurie D. Pressman

10-16-13  Dr. Maurie D. Pressman author of “Living In The Supermind”. The title alone alludes to the fact that each of us is capable of exploring our full range of spiritual talents and innate wisdom by a process of self-discovery about the multi-dimensional layers of...

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Rabbi Wayne Dosick

10-10-13   Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PH.D author of “The Real Name of God- Embracing The Full Essence of the Divine”. Rabbi Dosick is the host of the weekly internet radio program Spirit Talk Live, the Spiritual Guide of the Elijah Minyan Jewish Renewal Community in San...

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Guest Suzanne Ruff

10-02-13 Special guest Suzanne Ruff author of “ The Reluctant Donor” her inspiring loving story of becoming an organ donor and sharing the story of her remarkable family who lived with courage and faith while seeing 19 family members afflicted with Degenerative...

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Special Guest Sandy C. Newbigging

10-02-13  Special Guest Sandy C. Newbigging who is a meditation teacher, creator of The Mind Detox Method, and the author of several books including his newest book “Thunk” whose premise is that over thinking is very stressful, eventually leading to physical...

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Guest Marlise Karlin

09-25-13   Guest Marlise Karlin author of “The Power of Peace in You” and founder of  The Simplicity of Stillness Method. Many of us have been engulfed by life’s challenges uncertain of how to proceed and make necessary changes and these very feelings drove Marlise to...

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Guest Laurie Beck

09-25-13   Guest Laurie Beck author of” I am Living to Tell.” Laurie is a courageous and open minded woman who proves that those qualities were a great help in her living with two deadly forms of cancer, opting not to use traditional chemotherapy and following a path...

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Guest Dr. Mark Rubenstein

09-18-13 Guest Dr. Mark Rubenstein, a forensic psychiatrist and an attending psychiatrist at New York Presbyterian Hospital who has taught psychiatrist residents, psychologists and social workers while practicing psychiatry. Dr. Rubenstein earned a degree in Business...

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Guest Karol Ward

09-18-13   Guest Karol Ward, author of “Find Your Inner Voice.” Karol is a New York based psychotherapist, nationally recognized speaker and writer. Her articles have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Experience Life magazine, CosmoGirl, Idea Fitness Journal and Best...

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Guest Raven Keyes

08-29-13   Raven Keyes author of “The Healing Power of Reiki”, a definitive and informative view of the wondrous aspects of an ancient healing method with documented stories to support the many benefits experienced by Reiki clients emotionally, physically, and...

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Guest Dr. Eben Alexander

08-29-13   Guest Dr. Eben Alexander, author of "Proof of Heaven." a neurosurgeon for the past 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women's and the Children's Hospitals, and Harvard Medical School in Boston. As a Near Death Survivor Dr. Alexander has...

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Guest Joe Wenke

08-28-13  Guest Joe Wenke author of "You Got to Be Kidding." As Joe states, when it comes to the Bible, as an author, satirist and cultural arsonist Joe has a lot of questions. Joe seeks to provoke deeper thinking through an engaging and provocative investigation into...

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Guest Concetta Bertoldi

08-28-13   Guest Concetta Bertoldi New York Times bestselling author and celebrity psychic medium Ms. Bertoldi is the author of several books exploring our divine eternal energy life and our continuous connection to Spirit. In her newest book "Inside The Other Side,"...

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Guest Steven McIntosh

08-22-13 Steven McIntosh author of "Evolution's Purpose" a book that looks at how everything is subject to evolution and change, including matter, life, and human culture. As" Healing From Within" welcomes scientists and spiritualists who concentrate their focus and...

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Andrea Adler

08-22-13   Andrea Adler, referred to as the "Metaphysical Marketer" is founder of She is an international speaker, a workshop presenter, and consultant, and has authored three books on holistic marketing. Andrea Adler, referred to as the "Metaphysical...

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Guest Mal Duane

08-21-13 Guest Mal Duane is deeply involved with helping women discover their connection to the Divine power within to become their own version of a highly motivated leader in their communities and personal lives.  Mal Duane has built a multi-million dollar real...

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Edith Namm

08-21-13   Edith Namm author of "Change To A Positive Mindset and Extend Your Life Line."is a counselor and specialized Handwriting Analyst holding a Master's Degree in Guidance from New York University, and is certified as a specialized Graph analyst from the...

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Dr. Matthew Edlund

08-15-13 Dr. Matthew Edlund author of his newest book" Healthy Without Health Insurance." Dr. Edlund is an internationally recognized expert on helping his patients obtain real health- physical, mental, social and spiritual. Dr. Edlund is the Chief of the Center for...

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Guest Becki Hawkins author of Transitions

08-14-13 Guest Becki Hawkins author of Transitions- A Nurse's Education about Life and Death.  Becki as a hospice nurse and hospice chaplain over a thirty year time frame, observed and participated in the many miracles and insightful moments that accompany the most...

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