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Healing from Within Archives with Sheryl Glick

Dr. Charlotte A. Tomaino

07-25-13 Dr. Charlotte A. Tomaino author of "Awakening The Brain' This book is a much needed guide towards understanding the physical functions of the brain and how our thought patterns engage and entrain the neurons of the brain to form patterns of behavior creating...

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Dee Wallace

07-24-13 Hollywood Actress, Author and Spiritual Teacher, Dee Wallace widely known for her role as Mary in the Steven Spielberg film," E.T. The Extraterrestrial." Dee Wallace has just released her third book, "Bright Light' which is a complex story of people, places,...

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Gaetano Vivo

07-18-13 Gaetano Vivo -Reiki Master Teacher and author of his new book "Messages From The Angels of Transparency- Powerful Words From Gentle Souls." This book is the story of guidance and the channeling of hope for the people of earth from higher beings of love...

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Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor

07-18-13 Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor author of her newest book " The Oneness Gospel" which offers a detailed study of Eastern and Western approaches for finding a personal and divine connection to Universal Source and our energetic life experience. Charlene Proctor...

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Guest Adara An D’Rianna

07-17-13  Adara An D'Rianna author of" Loving Yourself Free of Charge. Adara is the survivor of a series of near-death experiences which left her with an expanded sense of how to use the awareness she garnished from that place of light for her own healing and to help...

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Guest Dr. Noreen Lalani

07-11-13   Dr. Noreen Lalani received her doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine (1999) from Toronto's Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She also received a masters of science (MS) degree in acupuncture from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in Manhattan....

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Guest Miriam Slozberg

07-04-13  Special Guest Miriam Slozberg author of " Stars Behind The Tortured Soul"  Miriam describes living through a painful and troublesome childhood and ultimately turning to esoteric studies to discover why she experienced physical feelings of discomfort and...

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Guest Lucinda “Bliss” Drayton

07-04-13 Guest Lucinda "Bliss" Drayton a world renowned Spiritual Vocalist from England. Lucinda and Sheryl will explore how music and it's different vibrations support an understanding of Universal Energy and how the two forces can be combined and utilized to lift...

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Guest Pam Ruderman

07-03-13  Guest Pam Ruderman is a holistic health and wellness counselor with over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is an ACE and AFAA certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor and is currently the Fitness Director and Pilates Director at...

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Guest Ruth Rendely

06-27-13 Guest Ruth Rendely, author of Seraphim Blueprint will share an understanding of higher spiritual forces and the help available to improve our health and well-being, and our world. A world that is now, more than ever, riddled with many challenges such as...

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Sara Wiseman

06-26-13 Special Guest Sara Wiseman author of "Writing The Divine" will focus on exploring a form of internal communication for establishing a direct connection to higher energy sometimes known as God, The Divine, Source, the universe or cosmos or any other name we...

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Fayina Cohen

06-19-13 All healers work to heal the many core wounds that give rise to painful and dysfunctional beliefs, compulsions, phobias or patterns of ingrained behaviors - we call that addiction. The goal of a psychotherapist is to assist clients in creating healthier and...

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Elaine M. Grohman

06-13-13 Guest Elaine M. Grohman Author of her newest book Spirit Awakening which is a collection of messages received from universal spiritual sources for the purpose of helping us to develop a more comprehensive way to improve our intuitive skills. Elaine and Sheryl...

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Massimo and Annalisa Guerrieri

06-12-13 In June 1988, Massimo and Annalisa Guerrieri started their involvement in the weight loss industry opening a franchise under the name Ideal Line System in Lucca, Italy. Building on their success, Massimo had a new vision and in 1997 decided to discontinue the...

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Laurie “Uri’ Grant

06-06-13 After a near death experience- Laurie "Uri' Grant is a Spiritual leader residing in Hawaii and is known as"Kahuna Ho'okahi (Kahuna of Oneness). As a Reiki Master Teacher and healer for twenty years on the Mainland of the United States, she was guided to...

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Roseann Vanderbeck

06-05-13 Roseann Vanderbeck OTR/PC has been in pediatric occupational therapy practice for the past 28 years. Her special needs clients include those with Autism spectrum disorders and developmental disorders. The goal of treatment is to calm and organize the central...

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Sheryl Shares How Reiki Found Me

05-30-13 Sheryl Shares How Reiki Found Me! Reiki is an alternative healing art that can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities to refine and enhance all life experiences. It is based on an ancient healing modality and is a tool to achieve higher...

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The Four Purposes of Life

05-29-13 Guest Dan Millman author of his newest book, The Four Purposes of Life." Dan Millman's first book, Way of The Peaceful Warrior was made into a movie in 2006. For most of us faced with making plans and choices on a daily basis, it can be an uncomfortable...

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Walking Through Illusion

05-22-13 Guest Betsy Otter Thompson author of "Walking Through Illusion," will share a discussion focusing on their continued interest in understanding the universal laws of spiritual energy for personal self development and health. "Walking Through Illusion" offers...

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