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Artist: Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Artist: “Electric Flutist” Jacquelyn G. Kleine, a published Composer, Recording Artist and Sound Healer, aligns her creative passion and artistry with her global mission of raising consciousness and heart coherence. With musical studies at Southern Illinois...

Artist: Reverend Rachel Love

Artist: Reverend Rachel Love:  Awakened at an early age to the reality of angels and spirit, Rachel has had her share of adventures and interesting experiences. Able to devote herself to matters of the spirit she has had been able to use her gifts and talents to...

Artist: David Chandler

Artist David Chandler is a Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Sound Designer, Soundtrack Artist and Sonic Therapies Practitioner. David’s Sonic Journey has evolved over the past three decades in many areas of creative expression.  As a singer/ songwriter, he has released 5...

Artist: Stu Evans

Artist: Stu Evans Seattle native born 1970,no previous music production experience, started composing at 45 years old, took nine months to produce first album “Epazant”,published by EDM-DJS one year after release, signed to SoStereo Music six months later...

Artist: Eyra Moon

Eyra Moon has a tremendous fascination and deeply felt connection to our universe. Her journey in discovering the law of the Universe, the words we use, our believes that rule us and create our reality, and her journey back to self, reflects back in her work. The...

Artist: Jordan Okrend

The Jordan Okrend Experience is more than one thing. First, there is the signature sound, vintage pop imbued with an infectious funky jazz edge. There is also something else. Soulful music with socially conscious lyrics, that has all been but lost in today’s current...
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