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Artist: Reverend Rachel Love:  Awakened at an early age to the reality of angels and spirit, Rachel has had her share of adventures and interesting experiences. Able to devote herself to matters of the spirit she has had been able to use her gifts and talents to further the work of  spirit on this planet.

From small metaphysical shop to internet radio, from homeless ministry to those much more blessed, Rachel shares the messages spirit shares with her.

Healings and encouragement are her focus of late. Using wisdom from spirit she is able to speak truth to aid in healings and in spiritual growth to those seeking truth.

Recently ordained and working as assistant pastor at Edgewater Unity has been a real blessing to her and she is grateful for the chance to settle down in one area for a bit.

Memories, like a desert road, takes you on a journey that you have once traveled before. Life, also like a road with valleys and mountain tops leads us to destinations.Memories reminds us of those places once traveled, We can use them ,both good memories and bad to help guide us to better roads and better destinations.


Track: The Other Room Meditation is a meditation with intent to help you enter a deeper consciousness

Track: Manifest Meditation. Prosperity is designed to hep you with the manifesting process of prosperity

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