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Jacquelyn G. KleineArtist: “Electric Flutist” Jacquelyn G. Kleine, a published Composer, Recording Artist and Sound Healer, aligns her creative passion and artistry with her global mission of raising consciousness and heart coherence. With musical studies at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville and a Music and Creative Arts degree from Lesley University, Cambridge MA, Jacquelyn has
embarked on a journey of creative discovery that continues to expand throughout her body of artistic works.

Jacquelyn, a classically trained Flutist, has a unique Organic Acoustic and Ambient Electronic style that flows throughout her Neosymphonic, Soundscape, Space, Fusion and Meditation recordings. It is not unusual to find acoustic instruments such as crystal and wooden flutes, world instruments, singing bowls, handpan and the traditional Tanpura in the Electric Flutist’s music…all woven together with synthesizers and special electronic effects! For maximum upliftment and healing effect, most of her recordings are transposed to the magical ‘Tesla’ 3-6-9′ frequencies of 432hz or 444hz. Why isn’t all of her music transposed to the magical 3-6-9 frequencies? “Well,” says the composer, “modern – standard 440hz tuning does have a specific, desired ‘effect’ and a ‘place’ in the symphony of all frequenices!”

Jacquelyn also has graduate studies in Special Education, has worked as a Music & Band Teacher, Creative Arts Therapist, and she has worked with many individuals living with special needs. “The Electric Flutist” has 6 albums and many singles streaming through major online platforms and internet radio. Her discography can be digitally purchased via Amazon Music, iTunes and Bandcamp, and easily found on many platforms at: Her sheet music compositions can be found at Sheet Music Plus / Hal Leonard for digital purchase and download.

All of Jacquelyn’s social, contact and music links can be found at: and
Thank you, for your interest in the ‘Electric Flutist’and her music! Enjoy


Jacquelyn G. Kleine Life Pulse16CD: “LIFE PULSE,” a contemporary solo instrumental, tells a story…a story of hopefulness and courage…soulful…heartfelt…ENJOY! ~Electric Flutist/Jacki

Credits: released January 21, 2023



Encouraging the listener to ground within their heart, the steady 132hz binaural frequency (396hz and 528hz) anchors with an ancient modal melody and pairs with modern triad chords; all to allow the healing GOLDEN LIGHT to acquiesce and expand one’s heart center! Through the healing powers of music, ancient Greeks, like many indigenous cultures,relied upon an interdependent relationship with nature’s cycles, rhythms and sound frequencies as their medicine and sense of well-being.

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