Featured Artist & Musician Mariam Massaro

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Artist & Musician Mariam Massaro

11148748_883802525024371_7728733960728335794_nMariam Massaro is a dynamic visionary singer/songwriter and ceremonial medicine healer, who passionately expresses messages of love and inspiration, through her unique evocative, rock style music and flamboyant theatrical performances. Her powerful songs encourage humanity to nurture Mother Earth (Gaea Star), to be happy and to discover your own power and radiant light within. Mariam channels spiritual messages and songs from her twin flame, Ashento, an ascended master and is currently co-writing  The Teachings of Ashento with him. The following is a message from Ashento. “As a messenger of spirit, be the hands, the voice, the touch, the example of love to shine, to reflect the deep abiding love that flows eternally from one’s spirit into life, to heal and spread love even more. To enlarge the capacity for revealing love at all times are to walk the path of the peaceful messenger.” She wrote and is currently filming the Gaea Star Crystal screenplay with Ashento’s celestial guidance. Her first CD, released in 2009, “Gaea Star Crystal -Awakening The Tribes Of Light ” is a uplifting collection of songs for the movie soundtrack. Her second CD, “Gaea Star Goddesses”, recorded in her own studio, was released on 11/11/11. We also have released professional CD’s, seven now as of Dec 2015 The most recent is Who We Are, a compilation of tracks from the radio shows of the past year now produced on Applehead / Sony records.

Mariam is the founder of WiseWays Herbals, internationally distributed, now celebrating 25 years of creating natural herbal products for well-being at her home, Singing Brook Farm, in Massachusetts where she plays music and loves to walk with her llamas and cats in the beauty of nature.


What is your musical specialty?

My music is an eclectic creation of inspired at the moment melodies that praise creation, the beauty of nature and my journey of self-discovery as well as singing about current events that strike a deep passion within. I am always hearing and seeing and feeling the essence of spirit and the power of life in so many ways, through dreams, people, animals and just the peaceful serenity of my country life. Every moment is a song of harmony to me and a blessing to celebrate.

When did you begin making music? Who introduced you?

I always sang as a little girl and loved to sing my sister to sleep as we always shared rooms. I was in the chorus and musicals in schools and continued on with singing. I learned the guitar when I was 18 and taught myself how to play it right handed although I am left-handed. I knew that was going to be a difficult road unless I did. It was not until I moved to my current home, the Singing Brook herb farm in 1992 that I actively pursued playing and singing for performing. It took courage to be able to sing my spiritual songs in public. Every moment I can I try to create and sing; now it is a daily event.  I live near the lovely Singing Brook so I can always find the inspiration. Eventually I became a medicine ceremonial healer having studied with Native healers from North and South America for over 10 years. I traveled to South Americas many times and worked with sacred herbal tradition that helped to open my heart and mind even deeper to the essence of creativity. Spirit is who introduced me to the melody of life.

I formed different bands with women at first as I continued to learn how to play and sing better.  My new partner in 2007 Dameron Midgett  and I loved to play together and he helped to create our first cd recorded with Brian Johnson , The Gaea Star  the screenplay for. Dameron and I created the costumes and went ahead and filmed the story right here in Western Mass and even went to Italy and Peru to do some of the filming there. We still have to finish it and I hope to bring it out to the world very soon.  Diana Noble and I also worked to gather as the Blue Star sisters and she and I created many Goddess related shows. Eventually I created the Gaea Star Goddess show based on many of the inspirations I received throughout my life.

I met Bob Sherwood when he came to work for Wiseways herbals here as a IT person. We hit it off musically right away and loved where we could go together. We recorded one song with Diana and I and it was so good and fun to do that we came together to keep on going as a band, The Gaea Star Band to perform in the Gaea Star Goddess show in 2011. We started with Dreamvisions in Jan of 2012 and have been going ever since playing every Monday in my studio. Many players have come and gone but Bob, Dameron and Craig Harris are still with me.  Right now we are the ones still playing as the core, with guests quite often.

Do you work alone or in a group? If in a group, whom are the others you have worked with?

I love to play alone and with others. We think of ourselves as a improvisational band that has been steadily improving on where we can take the new songs too. Most of the time we just hit the record button and go for it with no rehearsing. It is quite magical what we can create now in 2015 after all the years of playing together. I stopped the Gaea Star Show last year as I decided to focus on the new building I bought a few years ago to develop it into a performing arts music venue., the Singing Brook performing arts lodge in West Cummington, MA I still love to play and do the Goddess songs but we are so much more as well.

whowearePlease list any awards or other acknowledgments you would like to mention.

We have done almost 196 shows since the beginning that means we have that many CD’s. We also have released professional CD’s, seven now as of Dec 2015.  Each one is my original music. The first one was with Dameron, and the 2 through the 6th was with Dameron and other musicians and Bob as the producer and piano player. The most recent is Who We Are, a compilation of tracks from the radio shows of the past year now produced on Applehead / Sony records.

In 2012 we went to Hollywood to receive the Best Trailer award for the trailer we created from the Gaea Star Crystal, Awakening the tribes of light film. We are still in the process of completing it. I am now recording it as an audio book to bring the story to life that way.

Featured Artist & Musician Debara Bruhn Towt ~Songs of Debara

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Celebrates Featured MusiciansB-Musical Notes

Debara indexArtist & Musician Debara Bruhn Towt

Debara Bruhn Towt shares her musical sojourn into healing. Debara affirms “Each person has a song with a melody with unique sounds and words. It is not a song like any one else; it is a profound tapestry woven through the universe. I love to listen to the songs that come forth from each soul, for I am always blessed & transformed by the grace that attends us. Yes, we are all connected”.

Intuitive, Mother of Angels, Debara Bruhn Towt shares her experiences of life as a mother who has lost her father to down wind radio active fallout here in southern Utah, lost her brother to HIV related immune disorders, lost her second daughter to a rare birth defect that put her into an eight year coma, lost her oldest daughter to a single car roll over accident and her mother crossing over from co-genital heart failure. Life has presented its’ challenges to Debara and through it all one thing remains clear…death is an illusion. http://callinallangels.com/



Questions for Debara:

What is your musical specialty?

Song/Writer/Singer I love Listening … Sound… vibration…new Sounds.

When did you begin making music? Who introduced you?

My Father and Brother … I began to write and sing about 4 years of age… Family… My own hearing of sound….

Do you work alone or with a group? If in a group, whom are the others you have worked with?

Over the Span of Years:  2011 What is Life, 2012 Remember Me and Crystal Butterfly’s fly in the Sumer of your Dreams.  It is with much gratitude and with a heart full of thanks that go out to our producers, Mr. Howard Gale & Mr. Mark Evans at Silent Partner Productions in Los Angels. Mark received a ” Pearl Award” for his music on the movie “Other Side of Heaven”. Debara also enjoyed collaborating with Mr. Kurt Wilson on her Songs. Mark received a ” Pearl Award” for his music on the movie “Other Side of Heaven”. Debara also enjoyed collaborating with Mr. Kurt Wilson & Cynthia Wilkenson Green on her Songs. Many Thanks to the Musicians Pat Carey for his Key Boards, bass guitar and the acoustic Guitars…John Thompson & Debbie Davis for horns
Doug Norwine for woodwinds and the evi. Les Coulter Sammy Brown & Dave Lewis for Back up Vocals.
The C.D. ” A’ nidawehi.” which in Cherokee means “Angels”. The song Shadow Hawk is a theme song for the Movie Shadow Hawk on Sacred Ground which was filmed in Southern Utah in 2003. The other Songs are music which, Debara, wrote . Debara enjoy’s singing live on stage for the play, legends of the Chiefs with Mr Black Hawk Walther & Mason Walther/ writers of the tribute to the Chiefs.
The lyric’s to What is life are words from Chief Seattle
The lyric’s to There was a Time ~ Chief Sitting Bull
My great friend ~ Black Hawk Voice on ~ What is Life
The Songs on the C.D A’nidawehi, are a Tribute to the spirit and legends of great chiefs and hero’s in American for over a hundred years.. Big Thanks to Denis Zang on Flute.

You can catch Song’s of Debara on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network … iTunes & TuneIn on Divine Sunday’s Music airing in over 135 Countries.

Please mention any awards or other acknowledgments

UK NME AWARDS…. Thank you for your Nomination for Remember Me … http://www.nme.com/nme-video/youtube/id/T0TN5nmtbxo

Crystal Butterflies fly in the Sumer of your Dreams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw9wceIuqWQ