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Loving Out Loud: Robyn Spizman

10-21-19 Loving Out Loud: Robyn Spizman You have the power to make a positive impact on someones day, every day, and it is not nearly as hard as you think. The smallest compliment or remark of appreciation can transform an awkward moment into one of connection and...

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In Search of Lost Lives: Michael Goddart

 10-07-19 In Search of Lost Lives: Michael Goddart In Search of Lost Lives is Michael Goddart’s unique memoir in which he recovers eighty eight past lives and depicts spiritual experiences that ultimately prepared him to follow a path of soul liberation from the...

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You Are Your Purpose: Yoram Weis

09-23-19 You Are Your Purpose: Yoram Weis Weis offers poetic writing that makes for a powerful contribution to the planetary shift in consciousness. His books magic emanates from the synergy between gorgeous poetic language that illuminates an inner dialogue, and its...

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Just Be… Live as Infinity: Suresh Ramaswamy

09-09-19  Just Be... Live as Infinity: Suresh Ramaswamy Would you like to: Transform your life from the inside out Flow joyously with emotions Unlock the mystery of true love in relationships Accelerate shifts in consciousness through powerful practices Immerse...

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Encore: Tobin Hart: The Four Virtues

06-11-18 Encore: Tobin Hart: The Four Virtues The Four Virtues is designed to help us understand and develop inner capacities essential for PsychoSpiritual growth. The book serves as an inspiring, intelligent and integrative field guide to the inner life. Drawing from...

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The Humming Effect: Jonathan and Andi Goldman

04-30-18   The Humming Effect: Jonathan and Andi Goldman Have you ever felt happier after listening to music? Or felt better by singing or humming along to a favorite tune? If so, you are not alone! What you just experienced was the power of sound. Not only is sound...

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Effortless Living: Jason Gregory

04-23-18 Effortless Living: Jason Gregory The practice of non-doing, non-forcing is an essential aspect of Taoism known as wu-wei. Attributed to the great sage Lao-tzu, the philosophy of wu-wei teaches you how to develop a natural state of consciousness not bound by...

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Womb Awakening: Dr. Azra Bertrand

04-09-18  Womb Awakening: Dr. Azra Bertrand The Ancients lived by a feminine cosmology of creation, where everything was birthed and dissolved through a sacred universal Womb. Within each of us, whether female or male, lies a holographic blueprint of this Womb of...

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Natural Cycles to Recharge Life: Pia Orleane

04-02-18  Natural Cycles to Recharge Life: Pia Orleane All of life is interwoven into a living system of cycles, from Earth’s seasons to the enzymatic pathways that provide energy to a cell. Waxing and waning from times of growth to times of rest, renewal, and...

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The Angelic Origins of the Soul: Tricia McCannon

03-26-18  The Angelic Origins of the Soul: Tricia McCannon Your Soul is a divine light originating within the Angelic Orders of Heaven. The Tibetan Book of the Dead speaks about the seven Lokas, or dimensions, the Soul travels through after death, while the Egyptian...

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The Gratitude Formula: May McCarthy

03-19-18  The Gratitude Formula: May McCarthy In The Gratitude Formula, McCarthy offers a definable, practical system that can be put to use every day to achieve success in health, finances, relationships, careers, and spiritual connections. McCarthy’s experience as a...

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A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

03-12-18  A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Jim Self and Roxane Burnett Follow the step-by-step techniques to manifest a new way of being and step out of the chaos of the third dimension into the higher consciousness of the fifth Connect with the Teachers of Light...

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Jason Gregory: Fasting the Mind

02-12-18 Jason Gregory: Fasting the Mind Stop planning, stop comparing, stop competing, stop thinking, and just breathe deeply for a minute . . . Our undivided attention is something we are rarely able to give for reasons ranging from digital overload to the cultural...

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The Four Keys: Dr. Anna Gatmon

02-05-18  The Four Keys: Dr. Anna Gatmon Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World offers a offers an unconventional approach to the spiritual-material split so prevalent in our culture. In these pages, Dr. Anna Gatmon demystifies the all-too-often elusive nature of...

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Jeanine Staples: Voices of the Fragmented Selves

01-29-18  Jeanine Staples: Voices of the Fragmented Selves The Revelations of Asher: Toward Supreme Love in Self is an endarkened, feminist, new literacies event. It critically and creatively explores Black womens terror in love. With poetry, prose, and analytic...

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Philip Shepherd: Radical Wholeness

01-22-18  Philip Shepherd: Radical Wholeness There are qualities we all yearn to experience in our lives—peace, simplicity, grace, connection, clarity. Yet these qualities evade us because each of them arises from an experience of wholeness, and we live in a culture...

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Paul Selig: The Mastery Series

01-15-18  Paul Selig: The Mastery Series The channeled literature of Paul Selig--who receives clairaudient dictation from unseen intellects called the Guides--has quickly become the most important and celebrated expression of channeling since A Course In Miracles rose...

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Lisa Barnett: Akashic Knowing

01-08-18  Lisa Barnett: Akashic Knowing How these prayers are best used to resolve issues, clear blocks, heal emotional pain and resentments -- and open space for the miraculous to arrive...The way to unblock chakras using prayer…The influence ancestral lineage may...

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Jennie Lee: Breathing Love with Hope

01-01-18  Jennie Lee: Breathing Love with Hope Living love as an embodied meditation practice. Uniting us in a universally understandable goal, Jennie Lee builds immediate bridges of peace by changing how we look at love; from something to be acquired and preserved,...

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