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05-15-20 The Blessing of Now: Simran Singh

This moment offers an opportunity for powerful transformation. What is the caronavirus really asking on a spiritual level? What will each individual do with it? Is it something to fight? Or something to surrender into?Is it possible that a virus can come with blessings… a gift… as a catalyst for change. If so, what is it asking of us. Today is the day to look at ‘who you are being… ‘how you are doing… and whee. you are residing. Come on a journey with Simran… into a state of remembrance, truth and awareness. Is this moment illusion or reality? Get my FREE Inspired Living Journal to be prompted into your own thoughts, feelings and dreams >>>  Or receive three FREE talks and deep meditations >>>>

SIMRAN, author of IPA and IPPY Gold Award-winning Conversations With The Universe, Your Journey to Enlightenment and IPA Gold award-winner Your Journey to Love is also publisher of Nautilus award-winning 11:11 Magazine and #1-rated 11:11 Talk Radio. As an Artist, Creative Life Mentor and Stage Performer, SIMRAN bridges the gap between the mind and the heart, the inner and the outer, the darkness and the Light, the known and the unknown… the human and the Divine. SIMRAN’s writings, art and speaking are about living, being and knowing the self/Self/SELF. Sensing the undercurrent within people, places, groups and environments, she is able to bring forward bold truths to audiences, groups and organizations while embodying the essence of acceptance, compassion and unconditional love. Her authenticity and devotion to embracing humanity and expressing divinity are embedded in everything she undertakes.

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