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Hollister Rand07-03-20 The Afterlife: Hollister Rand

Author and world-renowned Medium Hollister Rand answers some of the most common and prevalent questions about life after death in her upcoming release Everything You Wanted to Know About the Afterlife but Were Afraid to Ask. Hollister’s incredible insights—and her friendly candor and wit!—will leave you with feelings of ease, comfort, and warmth as this comprehensive book guides you through understanding one of today’s greatest mysteries.

During the last twenty-five years, Hollister Rand’s dedication to the healing work of mediumship has included events and workshops in the United States and abroad. Hollister’s work on television includes Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and America Now. Her radio appearances include Sirius XM’s “The Séance with John Edward” (on John Edward Psychic Radio), KOST FM’s Angels in Waiting, KBIG-FM’s Radio Medium, and Coast to Coast with George Noory. Hollister’s first book, I’m Not Dead, I’m Different: Kids in Spirit Teach Us About Living a Better Life on Earth, published by HarperCollins, is available in several languages. Hollister lives in Los Angeles with her impossibly small Chihuahuas, Bodhi and Amara Metta. Visit her at:

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