What is the Role of Music in this Intense Transitional and Awakening Time of the Earth and Humanity with Marco Missinato

03-22-17    ​What is the Role of Music in this Intense Transitional and Awakening Time of the Earth and Humanity with Marco Missinato

Marco Missinato was raised in the beautiful ancient city of Rome, Italy. His gift for piano composition began blooming at the age of six. For the first twenty years of his life, Marco’s relationship with music was lived privately, in his room, with a vertical piano, a gift of his mother.

At the beginning of the nineties, Marco left Italy for Los Angeles to dedicate himself to his passion. In 1992 he graduated as a vocalist from the nationally acclaimed Hollywood Musician’s Institute. One year later he recorded his first instrumental album “Nostalgia”, which he entirely self-financed by singing Italian and international hits in restaurants and clubs. Shortly after the release of “Nostalgia”, Marco met Oscar nominated actress Sally Kirkland (“Hanna”) who engaged him as a composer and singer-musician in the theatrical show “Nonnie Bruce and the Power of Love”. In 1994 he founded Music M his music production company. In the same year he made his singing debut in his next album “ Marco Missinato”. His vast popularity and support from his fans motivated him to record two albums “Amore Italiano” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, a collection of Italian hits widely successful with the general public.

Since he’s been in the States, his music has been featured in numerous theatrical productions, as well as in the television series “Melrose Place” and “Port Charles”. Recently, Marco finished the production of two new albums. “Naked Soul” features his original solo piano works and is performed by pianist Lilia. “Music to Make Love” is a collection of original instrumental and vocal pieces. He is presently working on the orchestration of Naked Soul whose release is planned for the end of 2010. In addition to this project, he is composing the music for a new solo vocal album.
Strongly evocative, Missinato’s romantic melodies inspire listeners to open up to their highest  and truest selves. His goal is to reach for the inner depths of the soul to let people feel and experience the powerful sound of music.

Watch, listen and experience the immense power of Marco’s heart opening music, and connect with

Sounds of Oneness & The 144,000 Heart Opening Concert Series

Marco’s vision for our planet, through is Heart Opening Concert Series is as follows: It seems that no matter who I encounter through my earthy journey, whoever the people I met are, whatever age they have, how their body looks like, no matter what they do and what color is their skin, no matter where they are in their journey and what mask they are momentarily wearing, every time I see people crossing my path I am always, with no exception, able to feel and see how truly beautiful they are.

As a consequence of such constantly surprising experience, I always wanted to share with everyone my dream. However in the past I refrained from doing so because I knew it was not the right time for such sharing. Both within and without me the frequencies were not right yet.

And now the time to dare into such sharing has finally come.

It is a dream that always comes over and over again since my earliest childhood time

It comes when I am in my highest state of love and joy. It comes through the power of imagination, the same imagination through which I am able to allow the melodies and the music to come through

In the dream I see thousands of us coming from everywhere on Earth gathering around the music,
fully embracing the love and the oneness purging from the pure notes and the lovingly healing sounds of the many musical instruments.

I see sacred geometry shapes, breathtaking ever-changing lights and colors, images of love all blending and dancing together with the music, embracing both the players and the listeners taking all of them into Oneness.

I hear magical whispered spoken words and singing voices gently caressing each cell of our consciousness.

I feel everyone emotional releases, their letting go, their tears of joy and their welcoming to higher energies which fully stretch and open everyone’s hearts.

I see and feel the delicate process of remembering gently unfolding, taking all of us back into the full-awakened presence and light that we truly are.

And I finally see the angels joining us in the dance of celebration welcoming us back to our true self.

I see such experience happening over and over again through the many cities and locations of the planet, illuminating and bringing the experience of love and oneness, opening millions of hearts everywhere in the world.

I also see how the experience creates large streams of abundance in support of the children and our mother Earth healing.

I see this event as the invitation to welcome our star brothers and sisters, to let them know that we do not fear them anymore and that we are joyfully welcoming them to reveal themselves and join us as part of our family as they have always been.

I see this event as the final confirmation that the light has won is final battle with the darkness.


03-15-17 Excuses! Everyone has them. But what would happen if we gave them up for Lent? How would our lives change if, for 40 days, we lived excuse free?

In today’s show, Lora discusses the three challenges to living an excuse-free life.

1) Learning to commit only to that which we are truly willing to commit.

2) Increasing our level of personal integrity. Recognizing all the ways we actually do lie. Yikes! and,

3) Loving and valuing ourselves enough to not break promises we make to ourselves.

All sorts of magic happens when you truly live and excuse-free life.  Are you willing to join me in give up excuses for Lent?

Angel Readings with Lora Cheadle

03-08-17    Angel Readings with Lora Cheadle

Confused about your life purpose? Need a one-on-one with your angels, guides or deceased loved ones that you can actually understand? Maybe you just want a deeper connection with the universe or the ability to find your own brand of Zen. How about confirmation that the decisions you are making are in your highest good and best interest?

An Intuitive Angel Reading is a divinely channeled session during which messages from your angels, the Archangels, ascended masters and guides or deceased loved ones communicate loving guidance and assistance to you. It’s a psychic reading rooted in divine love! You can ask specific questions or you can just let the reading flow based on what your angels and guides wish you to know. Readings provide you with the answers, insight and inspiration you need to confidently take your next step.

An Angel Reading, or any other type of intuitive counseling, Angel Therapy®, energy work, chakra clearing, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy®, psychic reading or intuitive life coaching is beneficial because it’s like having a direct line to our angels, guides, ascended masters or deceased love ones, providing us with insight and clarity when we need it most.

Angel Readings and intuitive counseling or therapy provide perspective on our lives from an outside, neutral yet divine point of view. Information that comes through on an intuitive level is rooted in divine love and has our best interest and highest good in mind. There is never any judgment or shame, only lessons and love.

Angel Readings are fantastic at confirming what we already suspect or know deep inside, giving us the needed push to take the next steps in peace. Psychic or Angel Readings are also very inspirational, helping us to see outside the box and break out of limiting situations or relationships.

Tune in to today’s show and hear LIVE Angel Readings from callers like you! Interested in your own reading? Email Lora at lora@pyramidfusion.com or call 303-994-4945 and set up your life, on-air appointment! Need more time? Lora also schedules clients privately!

Christy Cornell-Pape on Isadora Duncan Dance

03-01-17    Christy Cornell-Pape on Isadora Duncan Dance

​Isadora Duncan, an American dancer in the late 1800’s really knew how to build her dreams and liver her sparkle! Refusing to be confined by pointe shoes, corsets and traditional dance, she was instrumental in birthing the Modern Dance movement, by dancing barefoot, in Greek inspired togas, and dancing from her HEART! Not only did she dance her own way, she lived her whole life her own way, despite the cultural and religious norms of the day. Her legacy continues to live on, and in today’s show, we are honored to have an Isadora Duncan aficionado and teacher share her love of Duncan dance and philosophy with us!

Christy Cornell-Pape – Christy, a life-long dancer, began studying dance at the age of 2. Proficient in tap, ballet, and jazz, Christy continues to study a variety of dance forms, such as samba and flamenco. Christy began intensively studying Isadora Duncan dance in 1999 with Mary Sano. She attended and performed at the International Isadora Duncan Dance Festival in Budapest, Hungary in November 2002. In 2003, Christy began taking classes with Ann Cogley and Christina Fessenden. She has taken several workshops with Lori Belilove and worked with Lori Belilove as a performer and children’s rehearsal director during some of Lori’s performances in California. Christy has performed extensively in musical theatre and burlesque, performing throughout California, the U.S., and internationally. Christy is a prolific choreographer and can frequently be seen performing solo work in San Francisco and at many shows around the Bay Area. She is a director of DIVAfest, a non-profit supporting women in the arts. She has taught both adult and children’s Duncan dance classes. She currently teaches adult classes for Duncan dance, cancan, fan dancing, and burlesque. In her day job, Christy is a bank regulator specializing in the deterrence and identification of white collar crime and money laundering.