Waking Up From Everyday Brainwashing

02-15-17    Waking Up From Everyday Brainwashing

Many people use hypnosis in order to overcome subconscious blocks and create positive change in their life. But sometimes, the faster, more efficient rout to change is learning how to becoming un-hypnotized, or dehypnotized in our everyday life. Learning how to wake, up, become conscious, and take steps to dehypnotize ourselves, is fast, easy and effective. And the resulting change can be profound!

We’ve probably all heard about subliminal messages, brainwashing, compulsion and mind control. To some degree, these phrases all describe what is simply; a hypnotic state. Contrary to popular belief, most of the everyday brainwashing that happening is not the result of some evil master-mind, potting to take over the world. Everyday brainwashing is simply the result of us living in a modern, busy, distracted and stressed-out society.

If you have a habit that you can’t seem to break, even though you really want to break it, you might not need therapy. Instead, you might need to learn how to dehypnotize yourself from your own brainwashing! You might simply need to wake up from a chronic state of hypnosis that has kept you locked into undesirable thoughts or behaviors.

How Brainwashing Works

Hypnosis is a natural state that we move into and out of about seven times a day. When we engage in any type of repetitive, or mindless activity, we tend to slip into a state of hypnosis. When we are confronted with too much stimulation, too rapid of speech, or too much conflicting information, we can also slip into a state of hypnosis. TV and radio advertising is specifically designed to induce a state of hypnosis. Religious services, bombastic political speech, repetitive exercises, mealtime and smoking breaks, also tend to put us into a state of hypnosis.
Hypnosis is not scary, evil mind control. Hypnosis is simply a state of increased suggestibility, where people are more likely to take action without critically analyzing that behavior. Although hypnosis cannot persuade us to do that which we would not otherwise do, it is highly effective in persuading us to do that which we normally would do. Hence, why it’s so easy to talk ourselves into continuing on with our own negative behaviors.

How Brainwashing Occurs

Think of everyday brainwashing like this. You are zoned out on the couch, watching TV, and a commercial for pizza comes on. The commercial has bright colors, close ups of a delicious looking pepperoni pizza, and a rapid-fire, extra-loud, announcer tells you all about the latest, act-fast deals. All the while, rhythmic music is coinciding with the rapidly changing visuals. That night, you decide to order pizza, even though you are trying to eat out less or lose five pounds.

How to Dehypnotize Yourself

There are several ways to go about learning how to wake up, remain conscious, or dehypnotize yourself. It’s easiest to begin with something that we do consistently, like eat meals, or smoke, so we have the opportunity to practice consistently.

Whenever we are confronted with behavior that we are trying to change, try counting yourself up, into a state of full, awakened consciousness. Begin by saying silently to yourself, or out loud if you are able, “Zero, one, two, three, four, five, eyes open, wide awake!” As you say it, do something physical that makes a sound, like clapping your hands, snapping your fingers, clicking your tongue or patting your thigh. Take a deep breath, and with a forceful exhale and consciously clear your mind and focus on being alert and present. You can repeat this whenever you sense that you are slipping back into a day-dreamy or disconnected state.

Changing up as many things as possible surrounding the activity we are trying to change is also useful. If you normally sit in a certain chair, or smoke in a certain location, move to a different chair or go to a less convenient place to smoke. Eating, or smoking, with your non-dominant hand is a fantastic way to stay conscious about our own behavior.

Put the phone down. Turn off the TV and concentrate on tasting the flavor, texture and temperature of every single bit. Swallow. Take a breath before taking another bite. Notice your hunger level. All of this keeps us awake, alert and out of a state of hypnosis.

Dehypnotizing Our Way Out of Bad Habits

It doesn’t matter if we are trying to quit smoking, eat less, not bite our nails, overcome stuttering, sleep better, study more effectively, declutter or meditate consistently. Learning to dehypnotize ourselves is a powerful and effective place to start.

Wake up! Get out from under your own brainwashing and see how clear you own life can be!

Power, Emotion and the Physicality of Both

02-08-17    Power, Emotion and the Physicality of Both

​ Emotional Maturity. Personal Power. Those are some pretty big catch phrases, but what exactly do they mean? Especially now, in times of some pretty heavy political stress, what does it mean to express emotions in a healthy manner, to own your own power, to use your own power and to not error on the side of either being a doormat or aggressive.

Join Lora as she discusses power, emotion and the physicality of both. Using the techniques of François Delsarte who developed a method of acting that connected the inner emotions of the actor with the physical movements and gestures that people who naturally expressing that emotion used, Lora works with her clients on a physical level, as well as on an emotional level, in order to facilitate change.

When we seek to change our emotional state, we need to physically embody the emotional state of that which we are wanting to become. Yes, we need to change our thoughts and our mind too, but we also need to change our movements and process using our bodies.

Learn how emotions impact our bodies, how our bodies impact our emotions, and how we can help control one, by manipulating the other!

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NLP with Mike Bundrant

02-01-17    NLP with Mike Bundrant

Mike Bundrant is the founder of the iNLP Center. He is an NLP Master Practitioner, IANLP Fellow Trainer and retired psychotherapist (NM).

He became a certified NLP practitioner in 1993 by taking a 27-day NLP certification course from Western States Training in Salt Lake City, UT under Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith. He jumped right on the master track by going to Santa Fe, NM and taking a 21-day intensive from NLP Santa Fe’s Jake Eagle and Nelson Zink.

He has had the opportunity to develop his NLP training presence in Toyko, Japan, being the first American to conduct full-fledged NLP practitioner certifications. Since then, he designed and taught several NLP courses as a master trainer, and was fortunate enough to teach in Tokyo, sponsored by the great Kazuhiko Umemoto of Team Medicine and supported by translator, Nobuko Kobayashi. He also co-wrote a book that was published in Japan in 2007 called Holistic NLP.

Next, he decided to take the NLP courses and certification program he developed over the years online, developing the iNLP Center, striving to create an honest curriculum that doesn’t hype NLP or pretend it is “easy” and will give “magical” powers.

Because of NLP, he’s been fortunate enough to do exactly what he wants with his life. He lives in Murrieta, CA with his wife, Hope, and his children.

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Breathflow Wellness with R. Christian Minson

01-25-17    Breathflow Wellness with R. Christian Minson

Christian Minson is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Contributing Author, Trainer, Life-Balance Coach and Founder of Breathflow Wellness, a transformational coaching business. A former Monk, Christian spent 10 years in a yogic monastery searching for deeper meaning in his life. Now he teaches others to find purpose and fulfillment in their own lives and work. His spiritual discipline and award–winning speaking style contribute to his unique ability to apply the lessons he has learned to motivate and inspire audiences, while delivering practical real-world tools that create transformation and clarity of purpose.

Christian has shared his message and techniques across the globe, including Europe, Mexico, Canada, and all over the USA. He has presented at conferences, universities, churches, and the Chopra Center.  Visit his website at www.breathflow.com

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There will be a recording if you miss the live event
Check out this video on Conscious Breathing:  As Your Breath Flows…

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