Dennis Thornberry, an Elvis Tribute Artist

05-17-17   Dennis Thornberry, an Elvis Tribute Artist

This week’s show features Dennis Thornberry, an Elvis Tribute Artist who has definitely built his dream and is living his sparkle by honoring the magic, generosity and love of Elvis Presley.

Dennis has been an Elvis fan for as long as he can remember. He doesn’t know of a time when he didn’t love Elvis , his music or his story. He considers himself a amateur historian of all things “Elvis”. Growing up in the seventies, he resisted the peer pressure to listen to the popular music of the times (even if that meant that he wasn’t considered “cool”). He was always drawn towards “Roots Rock”, beginning his record collection at early age with artists such as Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, all the classic DooWop Groups and of course any Elvis record he could get his hands on (even if that meant stealing them from his dads collection).

He began his music career in 1990 with a Degree in Radio Broadcasting putting himself thru school working in bars and night clubs around Dallas, Texas as a  bartender and a DJ. Raising a young family he continued working as a nightclub DJ because the money was better than an entry level position at a radio station. In 2001 he returned to his birth state of Colorado. Believing that it was time to leave the “bar scene” he and his wife began their own DJ/Entertainment Company.

In 2004 they decided to expand the entertainment portion of the business by adding some live entertainers. As a karaoke jock at several bars, Dennis was forced to sing “to get the party started”. The obvious choice was for him to sing an “Elvis” song or two. In 2004, when deciding to expand the business, the thought crossed his mind to become a professional “Elvis” entertainer. A trip to Las Vegas cemented his decision when he ran across several Impersonators that made a mockery of the memory of the Legendary entertainer. Convinced that he could at least pay tribute with love and respect to someone that he had looked up too his entire life, the journey began.

Since 2004 he has performed all over the country from California to Maine, performing for crowds from 5 to 5,000. In the past few years he has began expanding his talents by adding more impersonations too his act including Johnny Cash.  Traveling the country and spending less than a total of two months a year at home, he averages more than 200 shows per year.

“Talent is just talent until you share it, that’s when it becomes a gift”. So he continues to share his tribute with as many people as he can.

FLAUNT! is all about Listening Within, Trusting your Truth, and Navigating Your World Accordingly

05-10-17     FLAUNT! is all about Listening Within, Trusting your Truth, and Navigating Your World Accordingly

But that still, small voice within is sometimes not so quiet! How would you feel if the Universe suddenly shouted a message to you so clearly that you simply couldn’t ignore it? That’s exactly what happened to Elaine!

Elaine and her husband Joel purchased the Lumber Baron Inn, a ten-thousand square foot Victorian bed and breakfast, built in 1890, in April of 2016. The funny thing was, they weren’t looking to purchase a bed and breakfast, they were looking to purchase a restaurant! But apparently the Universe had other plans. Elaine’s unique spiritual journey began about six months before purchasing the Lumber Baron, when she walked into the home for the first time. Since then, one serendipitous event after another has continued to happen, reminding her that, even though this journey is difficult, event though she is scared and tired and is working harder than she’s ever worked before, she is exactly where the Universe wants her to be.

Health and Healing With Pets: Our Emotions

05-03-17     Health and Healing With Pets: Our Emotions

Animals are amazing! Not only do they make wonderful pets, but they help us process and express our own emotions. All animals, whether domesticated or wild, are here to hold space for the health and healing of the entire planet. When animals go extinct, it’s more than just a problem with their habitat disappearing. It also has to do with the amount of stress and toxicity that us humans are throwing their way. Yes, animals are here to process emotions for us, but they can only handle so much! It’s our job to nurture, support and care for animals, so they in turn, can nurture, support and care for us. So, scoop up your favorite furry friend, and settle in for today’s show on the power of animals!

Core Wounds

04-26-17   Core Wounds

Have you ever had a pattern in your life that keeps repeating? Maybe you keep finding yourself with bosses who don’t appreciate your effort, or with romantic partners who never want to fully commit.

In today’s show address the four steps necessary to finally heal the core wound that causes many of these dysfunctional patterns.

A core wound is a wound that happened when you were a child, when your mind was not fully developed before you had the capacity to reason like an adult. Core wounds can be caused by traumatic events, but most often they are caused by simple, everyday events, that created a strong, negative emotional reaction. We felt scared, stupid, ignored, untrustworthy, or whatever.

That negative emotional impact is imprinted on our brain, and for the rest of our lives, we either seek out, or interpret, situations that make us feel the same way. This is not punishment! We do this in hopes that one day we will recognize our core wound, and use our fully functioning adult brain to help heal the trauma that we were unable to heal when we were children.

Tune in today, to finally learn how you can identify and heal your core wounds once and for all.