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Yoram Weis09-23-19 You Are Your Purpose: Yoram Weis

Weis offers poetic writing that makes for a powerful contribution to the planetary shift in consciousness. His books magic emanates from the synergy between gorgeous poetic language that illuminates an inner dialogue, and its depth of human compassion. From awakening you to your unlimited potential, and encouraging you to embrace your intuition, to illuminating the power of facing your fears and finding your freedom in forgiveness and compassion. The dialogue will dance between free will and destiny through the spiral of life lessons, unveiling deeper gifts and innate passions, and uplifting your spirit to its wider view of life, this insightful guide opens a pathway to expanding into a fuller being.

Yoram Weis is an insightful purpose catalyst, a soulful author, an inspiring speaker, and an experienced mentor with a passion for the wisdom of the soul, and the empowering of creative gifts and callings. Through his forty-year path of learning, deep connection, and transformation, he dedicates his presence to contributing to the evolutionary shift of consciousness with his soulful, poetic writing and insightful, transformational talks.

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