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DrJamie11-19-15 Why You Need to Die and Be Born Again Each Day

I take you on an odyssey that involves a very intricate series of miraculous stories involving me and Jean, my husband in spirit.

I will be sharing a series of amazing manifestations that Jean made recently, all of which point to one lesson:

We must die and be born again each and every day.

The key to being born again is to let go of past emotional residue, hurts, resentments and grudges, all of which prevent us from fully living and loving in the now.

Tune in to discover how to use my X, Y Formula to help you resolve old and current issues that are dragging you down. My formula is the secret to carrying no residue from day-to-day. Master this formula and you will be born again each day into a heart that is a clean slate. In this clean slate state, you are free to love others without restraint, which invites others to love you back without restraint.

In this episode, I also talk about the need to clear away any emotional residue with those in spirit.

Here’s where my Dialoguing with the Departed technique comes in. When you reconnect and dialogue with those in spirit, you free yourself from all the old emotional garbage that stops you from being fully present to love all those who walk the earth as well as those who walk in spirit.

Tune in to this transformative show and be prepared for your life and relationships to change for the better.

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