Is Fighting Ruining Your Relationship?

01-15-17  Is Fighting Ruining Your Relationship?

Do you or your partner lose your temper when you get angry?

Do you yell, scream and name-call?

Or do you use more subtle war maneuvers that are just as damaging to your relationship?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are caught in Fight Traps, which are faulty conflict resolution tactics that throw oil on the fire and keep you stuck on the fighting treadmill.

If you want to achieve relationship harmony, and live to a ripe old age, you must identify EACH of your Fight Traps and ditch them.

In this episode, Dr. Turndorf reveals the five little know reasons why most people are afraid to stop fighting.

And, she reveals the six most common Fight Traps and how to overcome them.

How Couples Can Survive the Jolly Hollerdays

12-25-16 Do you and your partner find yourselves ringing your hands and each other’s throats during the holidays?

You aren’t alone…

Millions of homes turn to war zones during this time of year.

Tune-in to find out how you can to declare a permanent cease fire…and even turn your hollerdays into truly happy holidays!

Do You Want To Be Powerful Beyond Measure? with Cynthia Mazzaferro

12-11-16   Do You Want To Be Powerful Beyond Measure? with Cynthia Mazzaferro

Description: Are you carrying emotional energetic debris that has you locked into limiting beliefs, expectations and behaviors.

Tune-in to discover Cynthia’s “Heart Home of Healing” guided meditation that assists you in releasing the pent-up pain that prevents you from being powerful beyond measure!

Opening the chambers of your heart and releasing the old pain is key to the setting free of the powerhouse that lies within you!

Bio: Cynthia Mazzaferro is a highly acclaimed and gifted Motivational Speaker, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Energy and Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, and Powerful Beyond Measure Life Coach.

She is a retired Physical Therapist of over 30 plus years and previous owner of an Ergonomic company where she performed work site analysis and spent thousands of hours training and teaching individuals on injury, empowerment, and stress reduction.

Cindy’s passion is to empower people in their personal growth, health, and purpose. As a master of intuitive connection, Cindy is able to bridge the voice of your soul to the truth of your heart. Your spiritual journey is wonderful, magnificent, and filled with awe and wonder.

Cindy’s new inspirational and transformational, #1 Amazon self-help book, Powerful Beyond Measure Explores your Past, Empowers your Present, and Envisions your Future filled with purpose, passion, and miracles. She guides you to come alive to your POWER WITHIN where all things possible!

Powerful Beyond Measure is an active Miracle that unfolds perfectly in your life allowing you more happiness, love, abundance, and success. There is no greater gift that you can give yourself, than to allow your Light to Shine and your Destiny be to be Fulfilled.

You can purchase Cindy’s book, Powerful Beyond Measure on Amazon. or Barnes and Noble or on her website
Twitter Handle: Cindy@CindyMazzaferro
Facebook Page:
You can reach Cindy through her website or by email at

Saying So Long to the Silent Treatment!

11868783_10206498934703703_812730869_n11-27-16   Saying So Long to the Silent Treatment!

When you become angry with your partner, do you freeze him or her out with silence?

Or are you on the receiving end of a partner who pays you back by giving you the silent treatment?

Did you know that disturbed body chemistry actually causes the silent treatment?

Tune-in and find out whether disturbed body chemistry is causing you or your partner to clam up.

And, most importantly, what you can do right now to break this relationship busting pattern once and for all.