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WOW Wealth Of Wellness with Gina Roda & Marcia Martin

Finding Unity Through Diversity

04-21-21 Finding Unity Through Diversity Since the beginning of time, every individual has wanted to find answers to the same questions. Who am I? Why am I here? And how can I make a difference in the world? To answer those questions we often look to our family, our...

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Stepping Into Prosperity

03-17-21 Stepping Into Prosperity Do you want to change the amount of abundance that’s flowing into your life? People who view themselves as lucky, favored or blessed find that they receive preferential treatment and enjoy a bigger income. What allows some people to...

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Follow Your Heart

02-17-21 Follow Your Heart Love is the heartbeat of life. Loving relationships are the pulse of humanity, they teach us our deepest lessons, bring forth our greatest challenges, bring us bright blessings and are a training ground for our soul's evolution. Loving...

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How to Find Success in 2021

01-27-21 How to Find Success in 2021 Moving into a new year always brings the feeling of success but given all that’s happened in 2020 and all that has been happening recently, you may feel an even greater need to find success. No matter what challenges you’re facing,...

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Rediscovering the Gift of Family

12-16-20 Rediscovering the Gift of Family It’s been nine long, stressful months but instead of a beautiful, healthy baby, the world has received increased lockdown protocols and tighter CO-VID restrictions. Rate of infection charts, a 6-foot separation and face masks...

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Gratitude: The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion

11-18-20 Gratitude: The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion Being grateful is easy when life is flowing in the right direction, but, when every step appears to be an uphill climb, it can be difficult to stay focused on why you're grateful for the journey. However, sincere...

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Achieving Divine Balance

10-21-20 Achieving Divine Balance We are living in auspicious times, being called to choose light over dark. Yet, before you can choose the light you must discover, honor and embrace your shadow self. Only then will you be able to easily release everything that’s...

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The Power of Confidence

09-16-20 The Power of Confidence Each one of you has brought a gift to share. Each one of you makes an impact on the world. Each one of you changes the world we all inhabit. Confidence, the power to stand strong in your truth and service, will help you make a...

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Exploring the Dimensions of Self-Healing and Self-Care

08-26-20 Exploring the Dimensions of Self-Healing and Self-Care As a complex being of energy and intelligence, you are both a magnificent creator and a powerful destroyer. If you are honoring the body without including the soul, you’re healing will be incomplete. Yet,...

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Understanding the Four Pillars of Wellness

 07-15-20 Understanding the Four Pillars of Wellness We are all, multidimensional and multi-faceted, energetic beings. Spiritual Beings having a human experience!   We are all extremely capable of living an empowered life in the physical world! Thriving instead of...

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Our Own Guiding Light and Innate Wisdom

06-24-20 Our Own Guiding Light and Innate Wisdom Within each person is their own guiding light. Being present to our innate wisdom, our intuition and inner guidance enables all to connect with Source. This Source Energy is infinitely abundant to all of us when we...

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Finding Peace In the Storms Of Our Life

 05-20-20  Finding Peace In the Storms Of Our Life Living from the heart ensures that one is able to live in peace no matter what may be happening around them. In this time of intense awakening as well as isolation, confusion and disconnection peace is more important...

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Hearts for Humanity

04-22-20 Hearts for Humanity Gina Roda and Marcia Martin present Hearts for Humanity. bringing more compassion, love, non judgment and forgiveness to our families, communities and  humanity! Finding peace in the storms of our lives! Authentically, addressing our own...

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“Miracles Downloaded” from Gina Roda

03-18-20 “Miracles Downloaded” from Gina Roda Gina’s health partner Siri interviews Gina on her download on miracles Gina was blessed with a highly intuitive gift for reading ones heart code, her spiritual and integrative approach to Numerology and Life Coaching is...

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