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WOW Gina Roda-Marcia Martin07-21-21 Discover Your Inner Balance

Life is all about balance. Finding a balance that works for you is essential to living a powerful, fulfilling, and satisfying life. Balance brings a sense of harmony and flow to life in a world that can become chaotic.

Illness, depression, relationship woes, and financial instability may indicate a lack of balance but they don’t show you how to find it. If you’re feeling out of balance, overwhelmed, or out of sorts it’s time to look at your life from a different perspective. Be an empathetic observer instead of a harsh critic and allow yourself to find your center.

Gina and Marcia invite you to explore your inner balance. Join them Wednesday, July 21st at 8 pm PDT/ 11 pm EDT to discover how to put your life back into balance.

Callers are always welcomed. Listeners are invited to call into the live show every third Wednesday at 8 pm PST/ 11 pm EST. Call 833-220-1200 or 319-527-2638

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