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Gina Roda03-17-21 Stepping Into Prosperity

Do you want to change the amount of abundance that’s flowing into your life? People who view themselves as lucky, favored or blessed find that they receive preferential treatment and enjoy a bigger income.

What allows some people to feel lucky and to be more prosperous while others are left feeling unlucky and living in despair? Are some people just better than others? Were they born under a lucky star or do they know something you don’t?

If you want to change you luck and step into prosperity, join Gina and Marcia on March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day at 8 pm PDT/11 pm EDT to learn how.

You’re invited to call in with questions about increasing your abundance. Get the answers you seek by calling 833-220-1200.

Callers are always welcomed. Listeners are invited to call into the live show every third Wednesday at 8 pm PST/ 11 pm EST. Call 833-220-1200 or 319-527-2638

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