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WOW Gina Roda-Marcia Martin04-21-21 Finding Unity Through Diversity

Since the beginning of time, every individual has wanted to find answers to the same questions. Who am I? Why am I here? And how can I make a difference in the world? To answer those questions we often look to our family, our cultural heritage and our peers. We assimilate what they know and operate under their influence.

It’s time to step out from underneath the shadow of what was and what has existed before. The Aquarian Age offers a never before experienced opportunity to expand our consciousness with unconditional love and acceptance. Now is the time to discover who you are and how you want to express yourself to the world.

Gina and Marcia invite you to discover who you are without the labels and judgments that may have been thrust upon you by society and family.

You’re invited to call in with questions about increasing your abundance. Get the answers you seek by calling 833-220-1200

Callers are always welcomed. Listeners are invited to call into the live show every third Wednesday at 8 pm PST/ 11 pm EST. Call 833-220-1200 or 319-527-2638

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