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WOW : Wealth Of Wellness with Gina Roda11-18-20 Gratitude: The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion

Being grateful is easy when life is flowing in the right direction, but, when every step appears to be an uphill climb, it can be difficult to stay focused on why you’re grateful for the journey. However, sincere gratitude is the greatest spiritual superpower you could ever master.

If you’re struggling to find reasons to be grateful, believe that gratitude is merely saying thank you or you want to learn how to unleash the power of gratitude in your life, then you’ll want to join Gina and Marcia. It’s time for you to stop existing and begin thriving. Put the power of gratitude to work in your life.

Your questions are always welcomed. Call in and discover simple, effective solutions for every area of your life.

Our listeners are invited into call 833-220-1200 to our live show every third Wednesday at 8 pm PDT/ 11 pm EDT.

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