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Rev Jim Webb02-18-22 The Soul of Prosperity: Rev. Jim Webb

Prosperity is something we aspire to achieve. However, it often seems just out of reach. Perhaps you’ve tried in so many ways to improve your life and even had halting, limited success, which has made you feel even more frustrated. The deep, lasting prosperity we desire eludes us because we have let others define it for us, because we’ve searched for it in the wrong places, and because we haven’t had the tools to attain it. Develop your personalized roadmap to prosperity.

Rev. Jim Webb has studied and taught metaphysics for over 30 years, and serves as the Senior Minister of the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel in Silver Spring, MD. In addition to his Masters of Divinity, Rev. Webb has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School and an MBA in International Business from New York University. He has recently authored “The Soul of Prosperity: Lifesaving Processes For Healing Heart, Mind and Soul”.

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