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The Second Genesis Awakening™ with Debara Bruhn Towt

Building America’s Medicine Wheels for Generations to Come…

In all the histories of mankind…in all the Great Moments with Great Nations…there has never been a Moment in Mankind’s History like the last 220 years. Begun as what we call the Industrial Revolution, Advances in the Sciences has Accelerated in Ways mankind has never known. It is a Great Mystery Unfolding Itself upon us. All that has been Revealed to Mankind has lead to this one Moment of Realization…we are now in The Second Genesis Awakening™.

It is a Moment for Mankind to Fully Embrace an Image…of Something Vast and Infinitely Creative…written within us upon Scrolls of Human DNA…waiting Activation. The Potentials of What We Are…and Why We’re Here…are Explored in depth on this one hour show. This is not Imaginings…this is not a Belief…but is at the Heart of Becoming a Human Unlike any other Age of Man has seen. It is an Existence without sickness….without disease…Accessing Intelligence at a Level never known until Now.

Broadcasts Weekly Monday & Tuesday 12am & 12pmET

Debara’s Theme This Week

  Monday Tuesday 12am/12pmET

Our Celebration with Our Spotlight Guest Violet Laviolette from Our Human Accelerator online Community

Violet Laviolette is and has always been infinitely curious and passionate about following the lead and call of Spirit in her life. Even as a small child she knew that she was just not like everyone else in the way she saw and heard things. As a lifelong student and participant in many paths of spirituality and human divinity, she has studied and applied her learnings as guides to creating her own life and helping others to also embrace and envision their own divine beauty and greatness. Her emersion into becoming an involved member in many spiritual and belief paths (too numerous to list here) has given her firsthand experience with the various paths of religious and spiritual studies not just through book or seminar applications. She has been blessed to gain understanding how these paths weave together to develop her and her intuitive, empathic and healing gifts. She relies upon the whispers of Spirit for her guidance and direction. Violet has been blessed through her work to have traveled and experienced many amazing things, cultures, people and places.  Yet to her the most amazing of all is helping and encouraging another to awaken to their true divine self.  She is also a Reiki Master, ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek, Hypnotherapist, Crystal Bowl chant and vibrational worker and amateur herbalist.  Violet has 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. She is a Buddhist practitioner and serves in her local temple in social outreach, teaching and preparing vegetarian/vegan meals.  There is always more to learn, apply and absorb in order to rise to the next levels of self-realization and being an impactful global family member. As such she looks forward to the continued journey and being open to gathering together all she has learned and experienced into a facilitation and guidance for others seeking to expand their path. You never know where Spirit will lead you if you are open and listen for that special voice and heart promptings.  It’s an amazing journey.

Debara Bruhn Towt Bio

Hosted by Song Writer/Singer Debara Bruhn Towt, The Second Genesis Awakening™ is Debara’s Vision for Humanity. Her music says Volumes about her own life’s Journey that’s been it’s Own Second Genesis Awakening. Always an Intuitive Counselor with an extraordinary Connection, her music tells a Story of her Life and it’s many Passages into Consciousness that has become a Walking in many Worlds. Her Presence is Her Medicine…her Words Bringing Comfort and Hope. Her Music can be Transporting, Connecting a person to Realms Within that have been Unexplored. Debara’s Lifestyle is in itself…a Second Genesis Birth and Resurrection into Life. Living for over two decades from only a plant based diet and lifestyle, she has found a Way of Being that is easily Integrated into any busy life and lifestyle that Delivers a person into a New Reality filled with Possibilities in every Moment. In partnership with her Mate and Best Friend, Adam’t Gardener, they have created a website called and have made available two books that detail this incredible, Second Genesis Awakening Age and it’s many Possibilities available right here…right now…to anyone willing to Engage the Universe on It’s Own Terms. Debara’s Music ~ Blogs & featured guest  ~ The Human Accelerator™ channel is dedicated to bringing forward an Ancient and Timeless Truth. It is a Truth Whose Time Has Come. Explore what it means to BE HUMAN in an Age Unlike any before…a Second Genesis Awakening Age.

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