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Way of the Illuminated Warrior Talk Show

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Thursday 7am & 7pmET

Way of the Illuminated Warrior Talk Show
Transformational Men’s Community

Way of the Illuminated Warrior Talk Show is a forum of candid conversations for men and women, ABOUT MEN; a place to share perspectives and ideas.

Keeping it light AND getting serious with the intention to help and to heal men.

Discussing and discovering new pathways together through common challenges for healing, growth, clear communication and healthy expression of feelings.

Way of the Illuminated Warrior Talk Show is a welcoming space to run freely but not hide. Inviting questions and insights from men and women as we take this journey together  to elevate relationships between the sacred feminine and the divine masculine.

Waska Waboose
Illuminated Warrior

New Show!

Broadcasts Weekly Thursday 7am/7pmET

Waska’s Transformational Message This Week

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Thursday 7am/7pmET

Brothers Supporting Brothers

Men Talkin’ the Talk

Speaking with guest David11 on topics including: Men learning to truly love one another; AA, NA and addictions; with men, the physical is tied to the spiritual; the risks of being vulnerable; how men size each other up and place value on their self-worth; what it means to be an Illuminated Warrior and to do the inner work; falling into depression and its effects; Shadow Work and the benefits of acknowledging ALL aspects of self; the importance of men asking for help; real men do cry!; lack mindset vs abundance mindset; a man’s job is as protector and provider!; we teach others how to treat us… and more.

Learn more about Waska here:

Way of the Illuminated Warrior from Waska on Vimeo.

Waska WabooseBio: Waska Waboose a.k.a. Perry Finkelstein walks two roads. One being the ‘white road’ of the everyday mundane world and the other being the ‘good red road’ as an awakened and aware Illuminated Warrior. Waska is on a mission to empower both men and woman through wisdom ways that have been shared with him which have lead to a place of balance, autonomy, abundance and joy. His mission is to share his experiences and knowledge to help and to heal men through the challenges, pain and patterns that keep us from evolving into the best and highest versions of ourselves. With many years of invaluable experiences working closely with men of varying ages and backgrounds, Waska dedicates much of his time and intention to supporting men and creating a movement for the betterment of all. His vision is to support a growing global community of men through the Illuminated Warrior Rites of Passage Program, men’s retreats, monthly tele-circles and 1 to 1 mentoring. He is the Founder of the Way of the Illuminated Warrior,  Transformational Men’s Community.

He also created a place to share sacred indigenous wisdom as well as being an Emmy Award winning independent media producer.

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