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10-17-17  The 10th Law – Governance

When we think about stewarding our resources, most of us think about money matters. Few of us would regard financial management as a sacred practice.

Money in our paradigm is our most fundamental representative of all that is exploitative, commercial and greedy in our world, but we have to power to change that. When we become LionHearted Leaders, we learn from Linda Tucker that money is an energy, a resource that represents “life-force from the Universe”. It becomes another life-affirming indication that the Universe is conspiring to support your very existence. When we experience life and abundance in this way, it becomes imperative to acknowledge the Divine in all our resources and to honour them with the respect they deserve. Resources include money but are not limited to that currency. What about our earth, the soil, our water, the very air that we breathe.

This enlightening and thought-provoking insight from Linda Tucker is supported by Rev Rene Ragan, USA Director of the Linda Tucker Foundation and herself an expert on resource management. Listen to our interview with Rene, who teaches this 10th Law of Governance at our LionHearted Leadership Academy on White Lion Territories. Bringing the sacred into the mundane may be easier than you think!

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