Susie Procini a certified Holistic Health Coach

05-04-17   Susie Procini a certified Holistic Health Coach

Susie Procini about her journey to becoming a certified Holistic Health Coach. Susie came to be a health coach when 7 years ago she found she was 30 pounds overweight. She had always been very active, felt like she ate a healthy diet, and resigned herself to wearing size 16 pants from then on.

Then she found a Health Coach and was made aware of the fact that what she thought to be healthy food was not. She began to change the way she was eating along with lifestyle changes, and she saw the extra weight disappear.

Having seen how important this type of coaching was to her, she decided to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started her own coaching business, helping clients go through the same process to live a life of ease and total health. Her passion is to help everyone who desires to live the healthiest life possible free of disease.

How about you?  Are you “like Mike” and being tempted by every cheese steak, pizza and ice cream place he passes. Then join us, and let’s all get healthier together.
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