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Susana Stoica03-02-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Susana Stoica author of Healing With a Loving Heart who shows us healing is possible when all hope sometimes seems to be lost. As a gifted energy healer she has helped many to understand the nature of their illnesses and assist them in self healing and finding treatments that work alongside alternate healing method.  Susana Stoica will share with us that after a double concussion she was able to use her prior experience of working with computers trying to replicate brain cell structure to heal trauma and was able to develop her own unique recovery program. Having a special ability to work with the human energy field Susana can correct energy field irregularities allowing the body’s innate healing program to work again. We will also hear insights about the autism spectrum delayed brain trauma, as well as helping the body deal with asthma allergies arthritis and how different Susana and Sheryl found the Coronavirus to be from the ordinary flu.

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