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Touching light - Linda and Marah09-06-16  Stand in the Paws of Lions

One United Roar radio show takes its name from #OneUnitedRoar Talent Challenge for children and young adults around the world. We asked the children to stand in the paws of lions, who are largely unprotected by law, subjected to captive breeding programs, have their cubs taken away and are mercilessly hunted for their heads and paws. Then we asked the children to ROARRRR for the lions, to express what the lions are thinking, feeling and needing to say. Entries have started pouring in – please visit this entry page and VOTE for your favourite!

Meanwhile this exciting global talent challenge takes place amidst an exciting flurry of other projects that are keeping our bushveld team on their toes. A documentary is about to be filmed in White Lion Territory by a top level Canadian film company, Linda’s new book is about to be released in an extremely exciting format, and the team are preparing to wind up a busy year with the annual White Lion Leadership Academy. It all makes for a vibrant radio show!

Finally – we are challenging ALL our listeners to spread the word about the #OneUnitedRoar campaign, and get AT LEAST ONE child or young person to submit an entry. Then write and tell us that you heard it on the radio show! Tell Berry,

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